Friday, November 25, 2011

Melina Debuts in WSU and Draws Alexxis Nevaeh

The WWE Hellcat Melina, returned to indy promotions after her release and she had a strong, 10+ minute match against the young WSU darling Alexxis Nevaeh.  The match was better than many anticipated (there was no enthusiasm in the house when Amy Lee made the announcement about Melina's "mystery opponent).  But the two wrestlers won the crowd over as the match developed.  It was a nice reentry for Melina who may have shown a hint of ring rust, but quickly shook it off.

All photos by David Falcon

Alexxis confronts Melina

Melina in charge

Tables are turned . . . Alexxis rules

Alexxis gives Melina some sole food

Melina with a shoulder charge on Alexxis

Melina drives off the top through Alexxis' midsection -- damn!

Alexxis on the attack

Alexxis throws Melina by the hair

Alexxis sees the opportunity for a missile drop kick

And she delivers it!

Melina setting up a power move

But Alexxis reversed it

Alexxis with a corner chokehold

But Melina rallied to get the win with her patented finish

Post-match Melina was attacked by Amber (Alexxis' Boston Shore partner)

The nasty girls from Boston bailed out when Rain came to Melina's defense

Serena and Rain aid Melina to her feet

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