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CZW Intergender Feud: Greg Excellent v Mia Yim

Blog Entry Updated on March 12, 2012

Mia Yim struggles to her feet during the TLC match at CZW (3/10/12)
Photo by David Falcon

Give Combat Zone Wrestling credit for pulling a rabbit out of their barbed wire trimmed war helmet.  Who would have imagined that Mia Yim, just barely finished with her sophomore year in wrestling and a woman with a known aversion for blood, especially her own, could work with the unorthodoxed and unabashedly carbo-loaded Greg Excellent, for this no bullshit, hardcore CZW company and produce three stellar, entertaining, and ultimately jaw-dropping matches?  I'll give you a hint:  NOT ME!! Over the course of three matches these two created an unlikely chemistry in the ring that produced heat, passion, inventiveness and ultimately some monster spots that left this crowd -- arguably the hardest-to-please crowd on the indy scene -- wanting more, standing and cheering, and shouting "Thank you Both! Thank you Both!"

Mia may get a hernia trying to lift this
Photo by David Falcon

Mia Yim Praises Greg Excellent's performance in their TLC match (from Formspring):

"I am not afraid to say that Greg completely carried me, literally and figuratively in the match. It was seriously all him. He took very good care of me and protected me. I just did what he told me. He is underrated, people need to keep an eye out for this guy."

Match One (11/12/11):  Night of Infamy
This match pitted Mia Yim, known in this company as Adam Cole's girlfriend -- mere eye candy -- against a bright-eyed slobber knocker that Philly fans love -- aspiring couch potato Greg Excellent! This first match had Some cappo kicks, Mia's sky twister press, and some wicked german suplexes, and Greg's big tiger driver finisher.  The fans got things off to a spicy start with an interactive cardboard cut out of one "Mia Kim" in a rice harvester's traditional conical hat and an open mouth.  Let's just say that what was going in and out of that mouth was not rice, but meat.  The crowd was pleasantly surprised by the action and the heat and ultimately Mia's ability to make her wrestling style (full of kicks, submissions, and high spots) believable against a man twice her weight.  Greg had his moment of hypnotic magnatism where he and Mia came together in the ring and locked lips in a legit kiss (couch potatos all over Philly felt spirits rise below their belt buckles). 

To Strains of Barry White: Hypnotic Trace leads to this kiss
Photo by Scott Finkelstein

Link to purchase DVD or Video Streaming of first two matches in the Yim v Excellent Feud:

Match Two (1/14/12): Excellent Adventure
CZW's Excellent Adventure with booking's managed by the ever popular Greg Excellent, Mia is given her rematch.  The heat is turned up and the spots are wilder, the bumps bigger, and the stakes are higher.  Mia locks in submission after submission while Greg gives Mia a face massage with his 36 double-D man tits!  He also picks Mia up outside the ring and whacks her head against the steel railings again and again.  The spot of the match and perhaps the spot of the night was the monster yoshi tonic from the top turnbuckle with Mia straddling Greg like a bull-rider (or should I say bear-rider) and driopping down wrenching him around on his back -- bang!  It was fucking awesome!  But in the end, the result was the same, despite Mia's pluck and fight, she succumbed to Greg's big Tiger Driver finisher.  But the fans went wild for this match and their respect for both of these wrestlers is rising like mercury in a Death Valley thermometer.  This is all from intelligent, hard-hitting wrestling where fans have forgotten about gender and are focused on inventiveness and skill in the ring.  They are standing to applaud; the appreciation is authentic.

Mia readies her yoshi tonic against Greg Excellent
Photo by Scott Finkelstein

Match Three (3/10/12):

This past weekend at CZW's Areial Assault in North Philly, we got the much anticipated coup de grace -- the third and final match between Greg Excellent and the suprisingly tough and accomplished Mia Yim.  This time it's a legit match for a hard core company -- it's a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.  Mia Yim has often said that she does not do hardcore matches.  She insists that she would never "blade" in a match.  She has never dealt herself with the bloodly broken nose that she dished out to Allysin Kay this past January in A.I.W.  But for all that vociferous protest, she agreed to a real CZW match.  And when Combat Zone does these things it does not bring plastic chairs, puff-pastery tables, or tiny ass ladders; they bring steel chairs, fucking redwood tables, and 18 ft. construction-grade orange ladders.  Mia had never been apart of a match like this and wrestling fans will realize how much Greg Excellent "carried" her in the match; he took all the uber-dangerous bumps and bladed early (ostensibly from a chair shot by Mia) so the blood and the bumps were flowing.  But it was Mia's trust of Greg that allowed her to take some stunning bumps herself:  through a chair to open the the match, on a ladder laid flat in the ring, through a table on the outside from the top rope, and finally in a super sunset flip into a powerbomb from 12 ft up on an 18 ft ladder.  "Holy Shit!" rang out at Boyles World Gym time and time again as the crowd got transported into this drama and storyline.  As it turned out Mia got the win by landing on top of Greg as he went through a table from that tall ladder on her sunset flip to powerbomb finisher.  The storyline themes that came back to this capstone match included:  Greg giving Mia a bath in his 36 double-D's, the big kiss, and some wicked chest and face slaps.  Mia showed incredible courage going through tables from great heights more than once.  The person who showed even more courage was Greg Excellent who took all the wicked bumps with chair strikes, a ladder collar off the top rope, through a ladder bridging the ring and the barricade from the top rope -- a rib-cracking dive -- and the monster spot from the ladder.  They were both larger than life.  The fans were swept up into the drama; they followed the themes; they deeply appreciated both wrestlers working in the CZW hard core idiom. 
     At the end of the match, Mia was clearly overcome with emotion.  She was obviously trembling at what they accomplished and shaking at the very real danger she had just lived through.  She gave great respect to Greg when she took the mic at the end of the match.  She thanked him for treating her "like a fucking wrestler" during this feud.  Greg gave the obligatory props to Mia calling her "one fucking tough bitch."  The crowd started with the "Thank you, Mia!" chants, modulated to the "Thank you, Greg!' chants; and finally "Thank you Both!"  All were on their feet and applauding not only Mia's big win, but a thrilling feud that galvanized the CZW faithful. 
     As a postscript, I would like to say that I drove from Queens, NY, for this match and it was a thrill to witness my first CZW match live.  With this 15 min. dogfight, it was one of the highlights of my wreslting viewing years.  I count myself fortunate to have seen these two at the height of their powers in such a high stakes match!  The big game moment brought out big game performances from Mia and Greg.  The match was unforgettable! Enjoy some of my photos from the event.

Photos below by David Falcon

TLC match started with a bang -- Mia through a chair!


Mia gets choked on outside

Greg is wide awake

Greg gives Mia his hairy breasts

Greg gets slap-happy with Mia's chest

Mia buys some time to recover on outside

Mia gets out her Hello Kitty tape to "wax" Greg's hairy back

Greg, getting the flypaper treatment, reaches for the rope

Mia locking in the hurricarana

Mia brings some kickpad leather to Greg

Mia with a high flying attack

Mia has a ladder collar on Greg on top rope

Mia confronts a grizzly Greg

Mia grabs her back after going through a table

Greg forces his kiss on Mia

Mia is horrified after the unwanted kiss

Mia and Greg on 18 ft. ladder

Mia winds up on top and gets the pin!

Mia and Greg in an emotional embrace after the epic 3-match war!

DJ Hyde choke slams Mia in disgust

Adam Cole comes to comfort the battered Mia

An emotional Mia with praise and respect for Greg Excellent

Mia is bruised but victorious

Greg and Mia after the match (Mia points to bump on her forehead)

APPENDIX: Below is the original blog entry from this date.
Here is an enthusiastic review of this intergender match where Mia Yim excelled (pun intended) uncorking her arsenal of aerial moves she learned from lucha libre great Zeuxis in the REINA training sessions in Japan.  Let's face it, one never knows who will emerge from a new generation of women wrestlers, but ten years later there will be one Sara Del Rey and everyone else will have fallen by the wayside.  In this current generation of under-25 women, there is Mia Yim, Jamilia Craft (Jenny Rose), Christina von Eerie, and Rosita -- we will have to see who else emerges.  The common thread?  Training!  They love to train, work out, get better.  They love training as much or more than the matches themselves; that's a very good sign of someone who loves a lifestyle and is in the business for the right reasons.

So here's the review:

Photos by Keith Hummel

Mia on top


Mia feels the agony of defeat

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