Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mia Svensson v Mercedes KV @ RWC

Mercedes acknowledges the crowd in Lumberton

Last weekend young Mercedes KV made the long, arduous drive from Boston to Lumberton, North Carolina, to participate in the RWC event.  Mercedes KV does not often get out of New England, so this was an appearance to note.  It looked like a fine scrap between two young and serious wrestlers, but in the end NC is Valkarie territory -- that is, Svensson territory -- and she came away with the win.

Saturday, November 5, 2011
Lumberton Indoor Flea Market
612 2nd Street
Lumberton, NC

Mia Svensson defeated Mercedes KV to reclaim the RWC FLOW Championship

Photos courtesy of Nicole Perry-Schoonmaker

What's not to like about Ring Wars Carolina? (RWC)

MKV gets Valkarie treatment in the corner

Mia claims innocence

Mia prepares to body slam MKV

Mercedes gets the worst of this submission

MKV gathers her wits

Mia takes a boot to the chest

MKV hooks the leg . . .

Things get testy

Mia surprises MKV with a boot to the brain

MKV pummeling Mia in the corner

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