Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rosita TNA: Photo Tribute

Photo:  Lee South

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I was hoping to do an interview with fellow Long Islander and TNA new-comer Rosita, formerly Divina Fly, who is one of my "Four to Watch in 2011."  Unfortunately that will not happen in the near future.  In the meantime, perhaps some photos of the talented young ring star will tide us over. 

Not only is Rosita gorgeous, she is a sweet, personable, well-grounded young woman whose career shot to the moon when her TNA tryout match turned into a contract with the tv promotion.  We now have the pleasure of seeing Rosita team with Sarita (Dark Angel, Sarah Stock) as the Mexican-American tag champs. 

TNA Knockouts Tag Champs

I had the pleasure of shooting her at a PWS show where she met Mia Yim for the first time.  Unfortunately, they did not work together in the ring -- it's nice to have some dream matches waiting in the future!

Rosita and Mia Yim at PWS show in March 2011
Photo by David Falcon

Recently she and fellow TNA star Velvet Sky joined the great Lee South for some friendly video game competition photo shoot. 

Photos below by Lee South
What, no handshake to start match?

Thumbs poised

Cute socks girls!

Advantage Rosita!

Sweet look back!

More Lee South photos in a more intimate vein.

                                                Rosita in her new gear                             
Rosita w/TNA tag champs belt

I want to wish my friend Rosita continued success in 2011.  She is amazingly talented and that's why she's at TNA, but fans will find that she is also one of the nicest people in the wrestling business -- a total delight to meet in person.  I hope many of you Rosita fans will have the pleasure in the near future!

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