Saturday, May 28, 2011

Youji Kawauchi's Photos of Yim/Kambayashi vs Toyota/Hatred at REINA 3

These great match photos were taken by Mr. Youji Kawauchi. 

Mia Yim embraces Japanese fashion
Check out more photos on this site: 

Mia Yim, Manami Toyota, & Hailey Hatred

Mia Yim had want looks like an amazing tag team match Saturday evening, May 28, at REINA 3.  She teamed with Aki Kambayashi and went against two women she admires and had never faced in the ring:  her friend from the States, hard-hitting Hailey Hatred, and the great legend of Joshi Puroresu, Manami Toyota!  It was a dream come true for Mia and an amazing opportunity to measure herself, in a packed career, not yet two years old, against the best wrestlers in the business.  To give credit where it is due, REINA has shown great faith in the young, fairly untested, American.  She must have gotten good reviews from Hailey, Tomoka, Hiroyo, and Ayumi to even have been invited to Japan in the first place.  But after her strong 1 v 1 match vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto at REINA 2 (5/15), she was given the honor of a lifetime:  a shot in the ring with Manami Toyota, perhaps the best wrestler to have ever stalked the squared circle.  I'm sure it was a moment that Mia Yim will never forget!

All photos below are by Youji Kawauchi

God Bless is a reference to Fujita Jr. Hayato, Mia Yim's new wrestling inspiration.  Check out these pics of a match he had on Saturday, May 28, while Mia was in her REINA match!


Mia with GOD BLESS tape on wrists
Mia Yim gets a ribbon shower salute from REINA 3 fans (her first ever)

Mia draws the double team from Toyota and Hailey Hatred as the match begins

Cornered:  Mia gives a front roll kick to Hailey but then receives a pounding from Manami

Toyota has Mia in a Figure-4 leg submission.   Mia struggles for the ropes.

Manami Toyota packs a missle drop kick to the kidneys of Mia Yim

Toyota hits a massive missle drop kick; Mia gives it back to Hailey with her kick-me-goodnight

In the clutches of the consumate pro, Manami Toyota, as she softens up Mia Yim

Mia hits a moonsault to the outside!  AWESOME!! Fears conquered! Mia earns her wings!

Great new move from Mia!  Great photo sequence from Youji!

Aki Kambayashi gets roughed up by Toyota

Aki Kambayashi gets the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex finisher from Toyota
Mia Yim comes to comfort Aki after the loss

Vital Stats on Match
Location:  Eastern Tokyo Friends Hall
Attendance:  215 paid
Time:  12:10
Finisher: Toyota used Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex on Kambayashi
Big Moment of Match:  Mia Yim unveiling a monstrous Moonsault off top to Outside! Ka-Bam!

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