Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gear Fashion Icon? Booty Shorts

These blogs are supposed to be fun -- so don't get your undies up in a bunch about this posting.  I know Mia Yim did not invent the booty short -- she is, however, on the way to perfecting it -- especially in her signature side-laced version.  As a 19-year-old entering the ring for the first time, she had the intelligence to pick a gear theme that combined her taste, gimmick, and complemented her physique; it would need very little tampering with in the first two years of her career.  It is sexy, athletic, functional.  Not many women get the gear right immediately out of the shute.

More Booty Short Shots!

Photo essay in praise of Yim's side-laced booty shorts:

JAWP WD 01/10

3-way match at RCW with MsChif and Daizee

Mia's first-ever match in North Carolina 08/09
SSPW match v Brittany Cole                      

                              NEW match v Mickie James

Pro Wrestling Respect July 2010 v Jamilia Craft

Last month at RCW vs Sara Del Rey

vs Hiroyo in REINA 2

It seems to me that some new gear has shown either that Mia Yim is ahead of the fashion trend in gear -- anticipating it, as it were.  The other less likely scenario is that she is a direct influence on these trends.  Have you noticed Miss Tessmacher's new gear?

Miss Tessmacher of TNA

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