Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reina 2: I think I recognize those faces

If I'm not mistaken, there are some familiar faces in the back of this Reina 2 promotional poster for an event in Japan on May 15.  In the back row, if you look closely, I distinctly see Mia Yim raising the "V" of victory or the peace sign and to the right, Roxie Cotton
This poster appears on the Reina website

Reina is a new promotion founded by Yumiko Hotta with some former NEO workers and an alliance with Mima Shimoda who will bring Lucha Libre wrestlers from CMLL in Mexico to compete in Reina events. 

REINA is now going to found a new promotion, Universal Woman's pro-Wrestling Reina (UWWR).
They claim that they have already had connection to CMLL and other wreslers from the US, Canada and Australia, and plan to have events in other countries in Asia in this year and in Mexico next year.

The roster is;
Yumiko Hotta
Aky Kanbayashi (La Malcriada, Miss Mongol)
Aoi Ishibashi (ex. NEO)
Natsumi Kawano (ex. NEO)

REINA Launching Event 8. May 2011 Shinjuku Face

The Next Challenger Decision Match for CMLL Championship
MIma Shimoda (CMLL) vs Ayumi Kurihara
CMLL Championship (if Amapola still holds the title)
Amapola (CMLL) vs Marcela (CMLL)

Also featuring; Seuxis, Estrella Magica

The month of May is a season for US Indy wrestlers to go to Japan.  Serena Deeb is currently touring Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo with SMASH.  Next week Rain and Annie Social head over to join Hailey Hatred with several different promotions including Reina 1 on May 8.  But so far no one said anything about Mia Yim and Roxie Cotton, but Reina seems to be counting on them.  Hopefuly we will have more news on this in the week ahead.  As of May 2, Mia confirmed that she will be working for Reina from May 12-23!  So the Reina poster had it right!  Good luck, Mia!  Let the Joshi girls taste the Spinning Seoul Kick!

The Reina 1 card looks promising for a new promotion:

REINA "REINA 1" May 8, 2011
Shinjuku FACE

1. Aoi Ishibashi vs Bambi
2. Natsumi Kawano Re-debut: Natsumi Kawano vs Toshie Uematsu
3. Ryo Mizunami & Hiren vs Megumi Yabushita & Senri Kuroki
4. Takako Inoue & Silueta (CMLL) vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Tomoka Nakagawa
5. Yumiko Hotta & Manami Toyota vs Hailey Hatred & Zeuxis (CMLL)
6. CMLL Women's World Championship, #1 Contender's Match: Ayumi Kurihara vs Mima Shimoda (CMLL)
7. TLW Women's World Championship, #1 Contender's Match: Aki Kambayashi vs X (SHIMMER)
8. Amapola vs Marcela (Note: If Amapola is still holding the title on May 8, this will be for the CMLL Women's World Championship)

I don't know who the SHIMMER X worker is, but we should have more news on that in the near future as well.

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