Thursday, May 19, 2011

REINA 3 is Announced

Yumiko Hotta
Aoi Ishibahashi
Aki Kanbayashi
Natsumi Kawano

Manami Toyota
Hayley Hatred
Hiroyo Matsumoto
Tomoka Nakagawa
Senri Kuroki
Mika Iida
Mia Yim

REINA has redesigned its website with aesthetic improvements.  There are some fun photo features of Mia and Roxie (perhaps featured because they will be leaving Japan after this match).  Mia seems to be generating interest in Japan -- she is certainly getting some prominent airplay on the REINA website!

There are some tantalizing matchups in this upcoming REINA 3 show on May 28.  SHIMMER regulars Tomoka Nakagawa, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Ayumi Kurihara (as A*YU*MI) -- but the living legend, Manami Toyota will also be in the house.  It's fascinating to dream that Mia Yim might be in the ring against either A*YU*MI or Toyota, perhaps in a tag team scenario.  The regular REINA joshi girls: Aoi Ishibahashi, Aki Kanbayashi, and Natsumi Kawano will be there along with Hotta.  The Luchadoras ZEUXIS and SILUETA will make their thrid appearance for REINA in the month of May.  Fans will eagerly await the announcement of the matches that should come early next week.  Here's wishing Mia and Roxie a wonderful experience soaking up the joshi life!


Manami Toyota (in Chikara v Madison Eagles)

Hiroyo Matsumoto

Tomoka Nakagawa

Hailey Hatred

Sumie Sukai and Roxie Cotton

Mia Yim

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