Monday, May 30, 2011

Mia Yim Talks about REINA 3 and Her New Inspiration

REINA 3 Match Questions for Mia Yim:

DF:  Where does this match rank among the matches of your career?  Why was it so significant?
MIA:  I think it was significant to me because it involved one of my closest friends, Hailey Hatred who I trust my life with and a living female legend in Japan, Manami Toyota. I was able to pull out moves I wouldn't have been able to back at home. Like I said, I trust Hailey with my life so that gave me the confidence to break out some high flying moves the CMLL girls (Zeuxis and Silueta) had been teaching me the past two weeks.  I didn't want to put that to waste. And to make it better, it was in Japan in front of a Japanese crowd. 
Moonsault from ground camera

DF:  Were you nervous facing a living legend?  If so, what caused the most anxiety?
MIA:  I was extremely nervous. Nervous enough to go up for a top rope missile drop kick, which I have done plenty times, and slip off the ropes >.<   But I am sure anyone would be nervous. It's like a college basketball player playing Michael Jordan in front of the NBA scouts.  It is a lot of pressure -- as everyone is watching your every move. 
Manami has Mia in a painful figure-4 leglock
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

DF:  Some of Youji's photos of Toyota's double boots in your kidneys and her massive missle drop kick from the top rope look stiff as hell.  Was she as tough as advertised or tougher?  She never takes a night off, does she?
MIA:  She is truly one tough cookie. Major respect for her! She gets it in like one of the guys!
Missle dropkick from Manami Toyota
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

DF:  Where did that moonsault come from, girl?  That was Ayako Hamada-like, or, dare I say -- Toyota-like.  How did you develop that move?  Why did you chose this moment to unveil it -- so far from home?
Mia's lucha-inspired Moonsault -- Pure Magic!
                                                           Photos by Youji Kawauchi
MIA:  As I said before, Zeuxis and Silueta taught me a lot of lucha during my stay here. Including some high flying moves. Zeuxis personally said in Spanglish, "I want see you flip!"  Zeuxis and I have become close during my trip, and I didn't want to let her down.  I wanted to show the world what she has taught me.  That along with Hailey gave me confidence to do it.  I wanted to leave people with a "Holy cow! Bring her back!!!" statement!
Mia vs long-time friend, first time opponent, Hailey Hatred
Photos by Youji Kawauchi

DF:   What was it like going against Hailey for the first time? Was it significant that this first-ever meeting between you two was in Japan? Why does everyone love and respect Hailey so much?
MIA:  It was fantastic. I love Hailey sooo much! It was great finally working her.  I can see why people love n respect her.  She is a tough girl who wrestles tough. 
Streamer Salute for Mia Yim
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

DF:  How have the fans treated you in Japan?  What was it like getting streamers for the first time?
MIA:  Fans here are great! Super friendly and respectful. They give presents too -- I love them!  Some also recognized me at the NJPW show.  I love it here!! 
Action from Toyota and Yim at REINA 3
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

DF:  You have described the joshi ring as a TOUGH place to make a living.  These girls hit hard every night.  The matches are long and demanding!  The fans have high expectations.  What toughness lessons do you want to bring back to US indy rings?
MIA:  I want to bring EVERYTHING back to the US.
Mia Yim finishes her monster moonsault to the outside vs. Manami and Hailey

Photos by Youji Kawauchi

DF:  The REINA promotion obviously loved you!  They gave you two marquee matches against the best young wrestler in the country (Matsumoto) and the best all-time in Japan (Toyota) -- that's a HUGE compliment to be paid to a US girl just beginning to climb the ladder of respect at SHIMMER.  Both matches went over 11:00!  Why do you think you were given so much respect in Japan?  What do you have to look forward to on your next visit?
MIA:  I don't know why I am liked everywhere really.  I just do what I love doing. I think they like something different since I am of mixed race.  I am looking forward to meeting more fans and training a lot more.  Also to go watch more NJPW shows; I learn A LOT just by watching.
Fujita Jr. Hayato in New Japan Pro Wrestling
Photo by Mia Yim

DF:  You have made no secret of the identity of your new wrestling muse -- NJPW's Fujita Jr Hayato!  You have seen him wrestle twice in the last week.  What do you love about this man?  List some of the ring attributes that you would like to emulate. 
MIA:  I can talk about Hayato for hours! I am so glad to have gone to a NJPW show and be introduced to him and a lot of other amazing talent like Taichi and Ibushi.  Hayato just has that young fire! He has the look like he wants to kill someone. He is all serious -- down to business.  His kicks are LETHAL!  He is super smart with his matches and uses a mix of wrestling moves and MMA moves.   Although he is smaller than some of the other wrestlers, but he is quick and kicks the hell out of everyone.  He is my ultimate favorite now and I hope to meet him one day.  Every time I go to Japan, I will try to see him wrestle a few times whether its at NJPW, Zero 1, or M Pro.  Much respect for that guy!

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