Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3S Tribute: Wrestlin' Wally's SHIMMER Photos

All Photos by Walter Lippmann

SHIMMER fans were delighted when Hiroyo Matsumoto emerged from the locker room having missed the September tapings with a hernia injury.  She was accompanied by the puckish, Misaki Ohata, and both were wearing cat-like masks of orange (Matsumoto) and sky blue (Ohata).  SHIMMER fans learned that these two talented joshi juniors were forming a tag team named 3S.  They promptly wrestled the tag belts away from the Canadian Ninjas (Matthews/Perez).  For 24 glorious hours they ruled Chi-Town as SHIMMER tag champs securing victories over DeGeneration X (Danger/Bates) and Roxx/Ariel and the Knight Dynasty (Brittany/Saraya).  Eventually, as dusk descended on Berwyn, IL, 3S met their match: Dazee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa.  They lost the belts in one of the epic tag matches in SHIMMER history and one that is sure to become a fan favorite on the small screen.

Wrestling Wally (Walter Lippmann) was at ringside to snap these great photos of the bouyant, young champs from Japan.  Check out scores more photos on his website:  http://www.wrestlinwally.com/gallery/v/SHIMMER0326-2711Berwyn_ILHighlightsAlbum/

Hot cats of 3S! Matsumoto and Ohata

Brittany and Saraya get whipped to the ropes

Then BANG! Double missle drop kicks!

They double up on Brittany

Champs celebrate a title defense

Misaki as canon fodder on Portugese Princess

Matsumoto flings Ohata at Nikki

3S looked dynamite on every entrance!

Things got ugly between Hiroyo and Dazee

HM cross body block = 2 green birds for price of one! 

This looks devastating for Tomoka - kneedrop w/ triple weight

Dazee on the rack

Then she gets dropped on to Hiroyo's knee

Misaki is humiliated before Eagles' Club crowd

Enziguri by Tomoka

Losing the belts SUCKS!!

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