Sunday, May 22, 2011

REINA 3 is One Week from Today!

An exciting card has been put together for REINA 3 next Sunday.  The final two tag matches feature a great mix of joshi and gaijin talent.  In Match 4: American Hailey Hatred who has spent the last year in Japan and gained great respect from Japanese joshi puroresu fans, teams with legend Manami Toyota to take on  fellow American rising star Mia Yim and her REINA-regular partner Aki Kanbayashi.  If this on goes 15-20 minutes we are all in for a treat!  The presence of Toyota may be due to Hotta's upcoming miniscal cartiledge  knee surgery this week.

In what is billed as the Main Event: A*YU*MI will join luchadora Zeuxis against Tomoka Nakagawa and luchadora Silueta.  The Mexican girls are being billed as "long-term guest" wrestlers which is basically the guest equivalent of a regular roster member.  The vision stems from the partnership between Yumiko Hotta, REINA boss, and her long-time friend, now CMLL star (living in Mexico) Mima Shimoda.  It is not surprising then that the Mexicans would receive top billing. 

In other news from this show, Roxie Cotton gets a nice opportunity to take on Mika Iida, a talented young Ayumi Kurihara protege.  It should be a fun show!

The information below was taken from REINA website

May 28 (Sat) 19:00 Eastern friends decided Fixtures Hall

    The fifth match Seushisu & A ☆ YU ☆ MI vs Nakagawa & Shirueta
    The fourth match and Mia Yim 貴 Kamibayashi Megumi vs Toyota Manami & Hailey Hatred
    The third match Kuroki Tisato vs Matsumoto Hiroyo
    Second match Roxie Cotton vs Iida Mika
    The first match Ishibashi Mamoru vs Kawano Natsumi
  • General Admission 3000 yen 5000 yen 6000 yen seat seat special stage

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