Monday, May 30, 2011

Mia Yim Returns to Japan: July 18-August 25

                                                                                     Mia Yim = REINA Girl!
Mia Yim, Manami Toyota, Hailey Hatred

Something for Joshi Puroresu and Mia Yim fans to look forward to

According to Masanori Horie, Mia Yim will have the following match schedule when she returns to Japan later this summer:


July 18(Mon)5:00PM-Itabashi Green Hall, Tokyo

July 24(Sun)12:00PM-Shin-kiba 1stRING, Tokyo

August 14(Sun)12:00PM-MiSC, Toda City, Saitama

August 27(Sat)7:00PM-Shin-kiba 1stRING, Tokyo

August 21(Sun)1:00PM-Radiant Hall, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Mia vs Hailey in REINA 3
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

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