Sunday, May 15, 2011

Takehisa Kashima Photos of Yim v Matsumoto

I realized that those of you who are not Facebook friends with Takehisa Kashima could not access his amazing photography through my link in the last blog, so I will include a little photo essay extracted from his FB album of 66 posted shots.  He got some remarkable closeups that really take you, not only inside the ring, but inside the lockup, the struggle, between these two young warriors.  I will concentrate on those photos in this selection.  Enjoy!

Matsumoto applies leverage on Mia with extreme relish

Hiroyo's boot on Mia's face in the corner

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark!

Mia grins/grits and bears it -- shaking off submission

"Give me a 3-count, ref!"

What Mia did best Sunday was "take it on the chin"

Yet another wicked submission from Mistress Matsumoto

Mia pumps herself up!

"I didn't take an 18-hour flight to get my ass kicked!"

Now the Destroyer feels the pain

But the Empire also Strikes Back!

Mia gets some serious air behind this m-d-k

Matsumoto's finisher looks like a uranage

And the winner is . .  Hiroyo Matsumoto Destroy!!

So we have two great photo records of this epic match, Youji Kawauchi and Takehisa Kashima.  For my money they are among the best ring photographers I have ever seen.  The only photographers in the U.S. that can touch them are Walter Lippmann and Scott Finkelstein.  What you love about seeing still shots from a Joshi match is how well the rings are lit for theater.  The venue is dark except for bright white lights on the ring.  This makes for dramtic, crisp photos that Youji and Takehisa capture perfectly.  No U.S. indy lighting comes close to this -- the venues all look dingy by comparison -- even SHIMMER (Eagles Club) and WSU (Ace Arena).

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