Sunday, May 15, 2011

Matsumoto Destroys Mia in Yim's REINA 2 Debut

Mia prior to her Reina debut

I do not have a lot of details about the match yet, and a more complete match summary is coming in the next day or so.  But I have some quotes from Mia's Twitter about her experience a few hours ago:

"Just debuted for Japan's REINA tonight. Wrestled Hiroyo Matsumoto and lost, but it was an AWESOME match. I will admit, I GOT FUCKED UP YO!!!"

Matsumoto's boot print on Mia's arm!

"My proudest match of all. Time to rest and recover my beaten up body."
 "You would be amazed on how I should be alive right now with that whoopin i took..."
Mia and Hiroyo with Tomoka and "Ratetank" Skater

Sounds like Mia took an amazing pounding from the great HIROYO MATSUMOTO DESTROY!! 
Photos will be coming soon from the camera of Youji Kawauchi.  Look for them on my next blog entry.

Action from the match
photo by Youji Kawauchi

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