Monday, May 16, 2011

The Mia Yim Buzz: What Japanese People Are Saying

Mia enters the REINA 2 ring!

Hiroyo Matsumoto enters to a Joshi ribbon shower

Collection of Statements from Wrestlers, Fans, and Photographers @ REINA 2
Photos by Nobuya Iwatsubo

Mia reverses the arm ringer on Hiroyo

Matsumoto with a boot on Mia's face

Tomoka Nakagawa

“I’m happy to meet Mia in Japan!    I didn’t get to watch her match because I was getting ready for my tag-team match, but everyone said it was a good match!”

Hiroyo flings the Fiery Barbie by her hair

Hiroyo Matsumoto

“I think Mia is a very good wrestler.  I was happy to wrestle her and I studied her moves (for next time).”

Matsumoto locks Mia in a leg submission

Mia executes her spinning-seoul-kick

"When her dropkick was seen in SHIMMER, I thought it was beautiful and wonderful.
This visit to Japan was good and full of enjoyment.  I thought that Mia Yim was a good wrestler. I will expect not a diva life but a wrestler in her future.  She is a favorite wrestler for me, however, my most favorite wrestler is Hiroyo Matsumoto."

Hiroyo has Mia on the rack!

Youji Kawauchi

"I had never seen Mia Yim wrestle before today.  But I found immediately when I saw her wrestle that Mia Yim will also be famous in Japan.  Other friends, including Takehisa Kashima who enjoyed REINA 2 with me agreed with my opinion about Mia."

"Mia Yim made my photograph of her missle dropkick her Facebook icon!"

Mia has Matsumoto in a sleeper hold

Back to the rack!

"I like MIA YIM!  She remembered me going to SHIMMER in March."

Mia executes a hurricanrana!

Mia twisted in a pretzel submission

Mia takes a mean drop
Dabe Salona
"Oooooooooh!" Japanese fans are talking about Mia Yim's great figure and her being 'sexy.' ミア・イム、おおおっ!

Mia takes a brutal spinning elbow

After backdrop, Hiroyo covers Mia for the pin

Mia has found a popular following in Japan with only one outing -- but an epic and memorable outing it was against Hiroyo Matsumoto.  I know her fans would like to see more of her in the Tokyo before her REINA 3 match on May 28.  That is unlikely on this trip because she must show fidelity to REINA and Yumiko Hotta who provided her invitation and airline ticket.  There may be a future visit for Mia and if that happens, we will see if she branches out and works for other promotions.  Emi Sakura of Ice Ribbon and Tajiri of SMASH might do well to give Mia a look.  JWP and Gami's WAVE promotions are also options.  But none of them have the international flavor of the new REINA and DIANA promotions.

Best of luck, Mia!  Enjoy the praise of your new-found Japanese fans and fellow ring workers.  You have earned respect that many gaijins never get, because you went toe-to-toe with the great Matsumoto and did not blink (or submit)!  Great match!

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