Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mia Yim v Hiroyo Matsumoto in REINA 2 this Sunday!

The card is out for the REINA 2 show this Sunday, May 15.  What an opportunity for Mia Yim who will begin her Japanese sojourn with a dream match against "The most pushed junior" in Joshi Puroresu -- Hiroyo Matsumoto -- the dynamic, skilled, athletic, attitude-on-overload-just-happy-to-destroy-you wrestler who has already snagged prestigious tag team belts with her friends Misaki Ohata and Tomoka Nakagawa.  Hiroyo is a dynamo and Mia will have to recover from jet lag quickly to be at her physical and mental best when she takes on this golden-girl and fan favorite Hiroyo Matsumoto Destroy!

Mia and Jamilia with Hiroyo and friends at SHIMMER

Here is the entire card:

REINA 2 May 15, 2011
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring

1. Megumi Yabushita vs Roxie Cotton
2. Natsumi Kawano vs Senri Kuroki
3. Aki Kanbayashi & Aoi Ishibashi vs Hailey Hatred & Kellie Skater
4. Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Mia Yim
5. Yumiko Hotta & Zeuxis vs Tomoka Nakagawa & Silueta

What only the closest Mia Yim watchers will know is that Yim and Matsumoto spent back-to-back weekends together here in the USA about six weeks ago.  They shared a locker room at SHIMMER (March 26-27) but did not face each other in the ring.  Then the next weekend they were in Atlanta together for the ROH show on April 1-2.  Again, they did not compete in the ring, but they spent time together backstage.  They are about the same age and I think they genuinely appreciate each other.

Here's Mia with Hiroyo, Ayumi, and Tomoka in ROH

What did Hiroyo have to say to Mia yesterday prior to Mia boarding her flight today?
She tweeted "I am waiting for you (^^) to Mia Yim.  Mia said she was nervous and excited for her trip to Japan, now we see that those are exactly the right sentiments for any young wrestler facing the great Hiroyo Matsumoto! 

by MiaYim
I am waiting for you(^^) RT @: Off to Japan tomorrow! Getting in one last training session at ROH tonight

Linguistic curiosity:  ミアイム  is translated Mia Imu (Mia Yim) in Japanese -- in case you were wondering.

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