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REINA X WORLD: Promotion Reborn

Updated 6/9/12

Welcome to Reina x World, the promotion run by Aki Kambayashi and some of the K-Dojo boys.  Hotta is gone and she took Sa Ya and Basara with her, but Aki was excited about continuing the No Borders/No Limits tradition of REINA with its international array of wrestlers, especially the Luchadoras.  Despite Hotta's departure, Mima Shimoda and CMLL still appear to be onboard.

Poster of two upcoming shows features Mia Yim and the now injured Aoi Ishibashi.

June 09, 2012
Shinjuku FACE
280 fans
1. REINA World Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: Hikaru Shida & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Princesa Blanca & Princesa Sugey (10:34) when Fujimoto used a Venus Shoot on Sugey.
2. REINA World Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Round 1: Aki Kanbayashi & Aoi Ishibashi defeated La Comandante & Zeuxis (16:54) when Ishibashi used a Moonsault Press on Zeuxis. [Aoi stretchered off after match with a broken collarbone]3. 3 Way Match: Mia Yim defeated Leah Von Dutch and Crazy Mary (07:24) when she used a Helm on Von Dutch.
4. Kaji Tomato (w/ Petit Tomato) defeated Batten Tamagawa (07:35) with a Speed.
5. REINA World Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Final: Hikaru Shida & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Aki Kanbayashi & Mia Yim (08:34) when Shida used a Three Count of the Soul on Kanbayashi. Muscle Venus become the 4th REINA World Women's Tag Team Champions. [Shida and Fujimoto will defend their belts in Mexico next month]

Photos by Youji Kawauchi   CHECK OUT all Youji's photos on his Facebook site!/media/set/?set=a.479612038723029.128663.100000227128914&type=3

Talented starlet Aoi Ishibashi

The gutsy Ishibashi finished the tag match after breaking her collarbone midway through.  Many thought she was the brightest star in the constellation of REINA and it is sad that this injury has come at this point in her career -- just as the new-look company is being launched.  I would think that Aki would want Mia Yim as a full-time part of the stable this summer with Aoi out of action.  Mia apparently filled in for Aoi very well duirng the main event.  Aki Kambayashi also complimented Mia for her professionalism and ability to step in at short notice to a big spot -- not knowing the language -- and do well.  The match was undoubtedly shorter than planned (the pin came before 8 minutes had elapsed), but again, that is understandable given the circumstances. 

Aki Kambayashi works Zeuxis

But high flying Aoi will be missed

Mia Yim broke out her new Rasta-themed gear

I found the booking of Mia's USA-Canadian 3-Way match against Leah von Dutch and Crazy Mary to odd and not the best use of Mia's skill set.  If one is bringing a joshi affecionado like Mia to Japan, how do you not plan to give her a Japanese opponent?  Mia carried the match but said she was impressed with Leah von Dutch's work.  As it turned out she did get to work in an all-Japanese tag event, though we are sad about the reason; Aki could choose any member of the locker room to fill in for the injured Ishibashi and she chose Mia -- quite a compliment!  Shida and Fujimoto, the great Ice Ribbon stars, were excited to have an opportunity to work Mia and Shida said she wanted to face Mia in a singles match.  Mia expressed similar sentiments.  That match would be a slug-fest between two talented young stars who have similar physical abilities and know how to work stiff.  One might hope to see such a match in July or August.

Mia Yim with a missle dropkick on Leah

Crazy Mary chokes Mia

Mia locks in the K.I.D. on Mary

Leah and Mia go toe to toe -- a slobberknocker!

The fact that Leah von Dutch has gotten an opportunity to wrestle for CHIKARA and against Sara Del Rey is all the endorsement that many wrestling fans need.  Though she is not well know in the States like some of her campatriots like Nicole Matthews or Cherry Bomb, she certainly is a name we should look out for in the months ahead.

Mia sends Leah to bed with monster German Suplex

Aki Kambayashi announced Mia as her tag partner in the Main Event

The fans embraced her with streamers! (though some of those look like Fujimoto's colors)

Mia got a tste of what she came to Japan for -- Joshi Strong Style from Shida!

Tsukasa Fujimoto was happy to leave her calling card on Mia's chest

Running the ropes

Hikaru Shida in beastmode -- Aki took the loss.

Mia seems right at home in the REINA stable

Now that she has graduated from college, Mia just may want to put her tent stakes down in Chiba, at least for the summer.  We all wish her friend Aoi Ishibashi a speedy and full recovery from her broken collarbone.  Best of luck to the new brand of REINA, the X World brand!  I assume that means cross-world and this promotion, of all those opperating in Japan, is the most international!

Ganbatte, Mia Yim!
Photo:  Luke Matsuki

I have already posted excellent photos of this match back in September when it happened.  However, I just discovered this set of grainy, cameraphone, pics that nevertheless capture the passion of this REINA TLW title match.  Here is my link to my previous post about this match back on Sept. 25

All photos by Shikata Masato

Mia Yim v Aki Kambayashi for TLW Championship (REINA 16)

They lock up

Mia forces Aki against the ropes

Mia with a stiff strike

her trade marked instep kick to the chest

Mia pins Aki in the corner

Aki tried to soften up Mia's hamstring

Mia fights back from off the mat

Mia focuses on Aki's arm

. . . and rolls her over into a Boston Crab

. . . but Aki storms back into the match

they trade punishing kicks

and what about this connection!

Aki with a cross body block

Aki with a knee submission on Mia

Mia with a marshal arts kick

Mia with a new submission hold -- she wants the belt!

a crushing knee to the face of Aki

Kambayashi with the roll up and the pin!

Mia gave a strong effort, but finally had to hit the showers without the title.

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