Saturday, December 3, 2011

JOSHIMANIA (PA) Match of the Day: JWP Girls v Archibald Peck and Los Ice Creams

Team JWP:  Tsubasa, Kaori, and Hanako
All Photos by David Falcon

The opening match of the evening featured an intergender tag-team between Archibald Peck and Los Ice Creams taking on the women of JWP.  Kaori is well known to most joshi fans in the USA and she stood out with amazing athleticism, charisma, and showmanship.  She sold the arm tortures extremely well and also worked the comedy angles of this match effortlessly.  Revelations to me were Tsubasa Kuragaki and Hanako Nakamori -- both were fantastic.  Tsubasa is a tank and as strong as a bull.  She shocked the crowd by winning this match with a double rack-of-torture submission hold on Peck and one of the Ice Creams -- remarkable strength!  Hanako, on the other hand, impressed with her nimble acrobatics and her high-flying panache!  She looked cute in her all yellow gear and worked with effortless fluidity throughout the match.  Peck and the Ice Creams were their usual goofy and unpredictable selves.  The match was an excellent opener.

Los Ice Creams make their flambouyant entrance

Nakamori tangles with an Ice Cream

Nimble and lithe, Nakamori scales the corner ropes with ease

And squishes one of the ice creams

Hanako loves to fly!

Tsubasa tosses Peck around

Los Ice Creams torture Kaori Yoneyama

The Leader of the Band jaws with the Joshimania crowd

Hanako is back in

Los Ice Cream team up on Hanako

Archibald Peck takes Tsubasa to the top

but things get crowded in a hurry

Tsubasa emerges and rolls off the pile

Tsubasa with a double rack-of-torture submission -- incredible strength!

Winners from JWP!!

An Ice Cream -- melting --

And Peck is not feeling too well either . . .

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