Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Manami Toyota v Toshie Uematsu

Manami Toyota greets Joshimania fans

All photos by David Falcon

Match-of-the-Day: December 7

Competitors: Manami Toyota v Toshie Uematsu

Card: Match 5, Night #1

Time: 19:50

Finisher: Ocean Cyclone Suplex

Highlight: Manami working her old magic -- chasing around the outside, Manami roll, cross body off top to outside, Ocean Cyclone Suplex finisher -- and for nearly 20 minutes!  Are you kidding me?!  It went by in a flash.  These pros are amazing -- Toshie every bit as much as "The Great One" Toyota.

Toyota receives Diva Dirt Legacy Award from David

Toshie Uematsu intimidates the crowd

Toshie at the bell

The "dis" from Toshie

Manami forces the issue

. . . ends with a bang (then a whimper)

The battle goes up top

Toshie loses her balance

bye, bye, Toshie!

Always thinkin', this woman . . .

Manami running a Toyota-thon

. . . with Toshi in hot pursuit

Toyota off the top

Manami has Toshie where she wants her

Toshie feeling the pain in her knees

Manami with the ultimate submission

Toshie with an octapus stretch on Toyota

Toyota turns the talbes on Toshie
Manami sets up the leg rack


More torture


Manami works to soften up Toshie's hamstring

Toshie is so mad she's spittin' tacks!
Toshie with a big missile drop kick off the top

. . . and again . . .

Now Toyota has to shake out the cobwebs . . .

Manami grimaces in pain

Toyota with a running yakuza boot

Wicked German suplex drops Toshie on her head!

Toshie with a bridge pin attempt

Manami tangles with Toshie again

Manami off the top!

Manami Moonsault

Toshie . . . incoming!

Animated and intense:  Toshie says "It's on!"

Toshie with a spread-eagle dive

the landing

Manami roll!

around and around they go . . .

Northern Lights Bomb!

Toshie is seeing stars and birdies *tweet, tweet*

Bodies littered in the ring

Toyota sets up her finisher

. . . and there it is!  Toshie is done.

exhausted but elated!

Manami Toyota with the pinfall!

Toshie looks out of place at this Manami Party

Wincing, but satisfied with her win . . .

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