Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mia Yim Retrospective (2.5 yrs in ring)

8/7/09:  Mia's first pro match
(North Carolina)

Enjoy this photographic journey through the two-and-a-half year pro wrestling career of Mia Yim.  These photos are in chronological order and depict the growth and changes in Mia during those months and years.  If you follow Mia you will see some of the changes but also a great deal of consistency in terms of theme, persona, attitude.  For instance, her earliest black/red gear is still a part of her ring wardrobe (though now with a different top).

Dec. 2009:  UCW v. Rebecca Payne
Pittsburg, PA

01/09/10:  Second match for JAPW Women's Division
(Bayonne, New Jersey) Photo:  David Falcon

Early March 2010:  JAPW Wildcard v Annie Social
(Rahway, New Jersey)

Late March 2010: VCW v Brittany Cole
(Virginia Beach, VA) Photo:  Jonathan McLarty

July 2010:  PWR v Jamilia Kraft
(Burlington, New Jersey)  Photo:  David Falcon

September 2010:  SPARKLE (v. Mia Svensson)
Berwyn, IL  Photo:  David Falcon

10/2/10:  NEW v Mickie James
Poughkepsie, NY

10/?/10:  JAWP, Mia with Southside Playaz Club

03/05/11:  Pro Wrestling Syndicate
Ronkonkoma, NY  Photo:  David Falcon

3/27/11: SHIMMER Vol. 39
Berwyn, IL, Photo: David Falcon

03/11:  Pro Wrestling Sun (v Mia Svensson)
New Jersey

4/11:  RCW (v Sara Del Rey)
Baltimore, MD

5/11:  REINA 2 (v Hiroyo Matsumoto)
Tokyo, Japan  Photo: Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima

6/11:  ACW (v Portia Perez)
Austin, TX

7/18/11:  REINA (v Matsumoto)
Tokyo, Japan   Photo:  Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima

4/11:  ROH, Princess Mia of the Embassy

6/11:  CZW with Adam Cole
Philadelphia, PA

10/1/11:  SHIMMER Vol. 41 (v Kana)
Berwyn, IL  Photo:  David Falcon

11/25/11:  AIW v Mickie Knuckles
Cleveland, OH  Photo: Steven Csollak

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