Sunday, December 11, 2011

Match-of-the-Day: Sara Del Rey v Aja Kong

Aja putting some weight behind the choke
All Photos by David Falcon

Match-of-the-Day: December 11

Competitors: Sara Del Rey v Aja Kong

Card: Match 7, Night #1

Time: 11:50

Finisher: Roll up

Highlight: Heavy hitting by the greatest and most feared wrestlers in their respective countries.  Sara tangling with her idol, Aja Kong.

Aja makes her entrance

Aja pumped up!

Sara looking good!

SDR sheds her robe

Sara has leverage on Aja's right arm

tables are turned

Sara drives Aja's head into the buckle

Kong recovers

Aja on the attack

Aja doesn't like Bryce's instructions

Sara back on the right arm

extension on the kick by Sara

Aja set to body slam Sara

Aja puts a dog collar on Sara

Sara grabs Aja by the hair

Sara goes for the cover

Sara sends Aja over the top rope

Sara in control of Aja

Sara makes contact!

Sara on the attack

Sara flip kick knocks out Bryce Remsberg

Sara finds her feet again

Aja bounces her rice cracker tin off Sara's head
Aja readies a German suplex
Toshie tries to rouse Bryce

Sara rolls up the fearsome Aja Kong -- for the pin!

Sara retreats after her big victory!

Aja can't believe she's lost!

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