Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Found" Photos: Details and Impressions

A wrestling show, like any live event, has moments that are scripted and unscripted.  I wasn't really focused on the unscripted last Friday night in Philadelphia for JOSHIMANIA Night 1.  But here are a few photos that may capture some of the beautiful strangeness -- something perhaps poignant and poetic . . . perhaps . . .

All Photos by David Falcon

Archibald Peck's drum major hat, casually tossed aside

Mayumi Ozaki and Cherry's merchandise table

Joshimania electronic poster art


My friends, Michael and Oliver

Cherry with a fan

No wonder GAMI is smiling; that's my $5 bill she's clutching in her hand!

Toshie Uematsu at merchandise table with former Joshi great,
Itsuki Yamazaki, of the Jumping Bomb Angels

Los Ice Creams behind bars

Respendant Manami Toyota
with her Diva Dirt Legacy Award

Bathed in stage light from Broadway's WICKED,
Toshie makes her crazed entrance

Manami off the top to the outside!

Kaori Yoneyama only weeks from retirement

Toshie dejected amid the Manami victory festooned ribbons

Damn! Sara's gonna have a headache!

Sara strikes back!

Toshie tries to awaken an unconscious ref

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