Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holly Rocamora loses her Pro-Wrestling EVE debut

Holly Rocamora

On December 10, Holly traveled to Nottingham to make her Pro-Wrestling Eve debut against Nikki Storm, at SWE's Season Beatings at Gym Combat Nottingham, 7pm.  The House of Pain hosted the event and Pro-Wrestling EVE supplied the women's match.  Unfortunately Holly came out on the losing end after falling victim to an inventive submission hold that is so new it does not yet have a name.  Holly assures us that she learned a lot from the experience and she will be back stronger than ever for her next match.

Photos by Brett Hadley

Holly locks up with Nikki Storm

Holly appears a little tentative here

Holly grabs the wrist of her opponent

Holly gets choked on the ropes

power slam!

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