Monday, December 19, 2011

Best of Mia Yim Vol. 1

Best of Mia Yim dvd artwork

Exciting holiday news for the procrastinators who still need to shop for a wrestling fan.  The Wrestling Nation has come out with "The Best of Blasian Barbie Mia Yim -- Vol. 1."  Unfortunately there is no match list on the dvd jacket.  The opponents Sara Del Rey, Mickie James, Daizee Haze, and Annie Social are mentioned.  That seems to refer to matches in MCW, RCW, JAPW, and other East Coast promotions.  While these may be fine for hard core Mia Yim fans or Yim archivists, this will be an inferrior dvd unless it contains some of the phenomenal matches of the past nine months.  Mia's star has been on a mercurial rise since she traveled to Japan last May.  She has added spectacular high spots like the moonsault and the sky twister press as well as penalty kick and K.I.D. submissions.  You will not see these moves in matches that predate June 2011. 

It would be a pleasant surprise if any of Mia's REINA matches from Japan or her SHIMMER matches are on the dvd (I doubt it). 

You can purchase the dvd here:

Here are my top ten Mia Yim matches (okay, top eleven).  I would love to know how many are on this dvd:

1.  v. Hiroyo Matsumoto (REINA 8) 7/18/11

2.  (with Aki Kambayashi) v. Manami Toyota and Hailey Hatred (REINA 3) 5/28/11

3.  v. Yumi Ohka (SHIMMER, Vol 43) 10/2/11

4.  v. Sara Del Rey (RCW) 4/23/11

5.  v. Greg Excellent (CZW) 11/12/11 [intergender]

6.  v. Hiroyo Matsumoto (REINA 2) 5/15/11

7.  v. Kana (SHIMMER, Vol. 41) 10/1/11

8.  v. Ray (REINA 10) 8/20/11

9.  ACH (ACW -- Texas) 9/18/11 [intergender]

10. v. Aki Kambayashi (REINA 16) 9/25/11

11. (w/SDR) v. Canadian Ninjas (REINA 14) 9/23/11

If these matches are not on Vol. 1, then I'm holding out for Vol. 2!! 
Mia confirms that the earlier matches on this list (before August) are on the dvd.  Both Hiroyo Matsumoto matches are on it (the dvd would be worth it for those matches alone). *Note:  Not true.  No Japanese matches on this dvd. Mia says the SHIMMER matches and Greg Excellent match will be on Vol. 2.

Mia thrown into the chairs by Hiroyo (REINA 8)
photo: Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima

Mia with moonsault to outside on Hailey and Manami (REINA 3)
photo: Youji Kawauchi

Mia v Yumi Ohka @ SHIMMER 43
photo: D. Falcon

Mia's moonsault to the outside on Greg Excellent (CZW)
Photo:  Scott Finkelstein

Mia Yim (w/SDR) tangle with Nicole Matthews and Canadian Ninjas (REINA 14)
photo: Youji Kawauchi

Mia v Kana @ SHIMMER 41
photo: D. Falcon

Mia v Sara @ RCW last April

Mia v Aki Kambayashi (REINA 16)
photo: Nobuya Iwatsubo

Mia Yim v Ray (REINA 10)
photo:  Takehisa Aoikougei Kashima

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