Thursday, December 22, 2011

Triple Tails Show: Pics by Luke Matsuki

Mio Shirai and Kana are Triple Tails

On December 18, Kana and Mio Shirai got a Triple Tails show together.  Interestingly they arranged a mixed tag employing SMASH workers Tajiri and Akira.  Kana/Tajiri v Mio/Akira.  This looked like a fun, action-filled match.  And who doesn't love the Triple Tails' new Sgt. Pepper's inspired ring gear? 

These amazing photos are the outstanding work of my favorite Joshi ring photographer Luke Matsuki.

Kana and Mio won't be working together today!

Kana bears down on AKIRA

Kana on top

but AKIRA turns the tables

Kana digs deep to stave off the temptation to submit

Kana battles back to work AKIRA's arm

Kana brings out her big gun instep kicks

Kana back on the defensive

Mio puts the squeeze on Kana

Mio controls her opponent

but Kana turns the tables on Mio

an ass press?

WTF . . .?!

I'm concerned that Kana is enjoying this too much . . .


Kana works Mio's leg

Kana takes Mio to the mat

Mio has Kana in a head scissors

Kana escapes and brings retribution

Kana with a missile drop kick on AKIRA

Kana unleashing stiff strikes

Kana revs herself up

Back to the arm

Mio launches an attack

Smack! Take that Ms. Kana!

Kana strikes back!

Axe kick!

Mio goes ape on Kana!

Kana somehow survives the onslaught

Mio with a head scissors on TAJIRI

TAJIRI with the pin on Mio!

The winners with a sigh of relief

AKIRA comforts Mio

Mio gets a chance to explain

. . . as does Kana

After it's all over -- they're friends again

Triple Tails at the after-party

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