Saturday, December 3, 2011


Aja doesn't like Referee Bryce Remsburg's restrictions
Photo: David Falcon

Some Result Highlights:

Ayako Hamada and Cherry defeated Mayumi Ozaki and Mio Shirai when Hamada power slammed Mio.  This was an amazingly entertaining match.  cherry took a ton of punishment at the hands of the heels (Mio, working with the quintessential Heel Ozaki, proved a fine and nasty heel herself).  Hamada strapped on her cape and flew to the rescue in the end. Great way to lead up to the Intermission.

Manami Toyota defeated Toshie Uematsu (15:07) Fun match between two great pros.  Toyota having received the award from Diva Dirt for Lifetime Acheivement brought her A-game against the sly and skilled Toshie Uematsu.  We saw all the highlights:  Manami roll, missile drop kick off top, and her Japanese Ocean Cyclone suplex finisher.

Sara Del Rey defeated Aja Kong (11:50) by a surprising school boy roll up after a pounding match.  Great heat in this match, plus Aja's tin canister was put to use.  An awesome evening of wrestling.  More later on Yoneyama, Shimono, Kuragaki, and others . . .

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  1. Sara Del Ray.....pinning Aja Kong? Ahhh the things that Japanese wrestlers must submit to for acceptance in our country... Not in a million years could she beat Aja who is past her prime and still kicks butt.