Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mia Yim v Sara Del Rey @ Arena Chicks Dec. 17

Mia Yim tangled with Sara Del Rey last April @ RCW

It is certainly not the first time these two have battled; but it is an exciting match on the Arena Chicks card between the total package -- Sara Del Rey -- and the rising star, Mia Yim.  They had a MOTY candidate battle back in April at RCW.  This was just prior to Mia's tours in Japan over the summer.  Since then Mia has just gotten better.  Here's a short list of Yim's opponents in the past six months:  Manami Toyota, Hailey Hatred, Kana, Yumi Ohka, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Ray, Athena, Jessie McKay, AC Leroy, Greg Excellent, the Candanian Ninjas and more!  Amazing!

If it were even possible, Sara Del Rey has gotten sharper, leaner, more powerful and has traveled to Japan, Australia, and worked the Creme de la creme productions in the USA:  CHIKARA and SHIMMER.  Recently, at Joshimania, Sara was featured in two main events against Aja Kong (the most feared wrestler in the world) and Ayako Hamada (perhaps the most talented wrestler in the world -- along with SDR herself). 

A lot has happened since RCW in April and I expect this match to be dynamite!  Not to be missed!

Mia was focused on Sara's right leg

Sara turned the tables on Mia


Wicked German Suplex for the pinfall

Mia had a headache for days afterwards

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