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Mia Yim Interview Replay (First Anniversary in Wrestling 8/7/10)

Mia, the Heel, applies Dragon Sleeper to Mickie James @ MCW

First Anniversary Interview:  David Falcon interviews Mia Yim

This interview was originally published on August 7, 2010, in my old Mia Yim Fan Blog (MySpace) and it marked the end of the first year of Mia Yim's pro wrestling career. I find it fascinating to see what Mia was thinking about Japan and the big TV promotions back then, and how her views on those subjects have been modified since.

DF:  You're wrapping up your first year in wrestling with two big events:  the MCW match against Mickie James and the Lee South Photo shoot in Nashville.  MCW said over 700 people saw the MCW Shamrock X event.  Your match was much-hyped and happened late in the show.  It was also an 11 minute singles match, the longest of your rookie year.  Explain what is was like to work with Mickie James.  What did you learn from her?

Mia: Working with Mickie was awesome. She is so professional and sweet. I learned a lot from her. Actually her Mickie-DT finish was the first DDT I've ever gotten in a match!!!
Mickie setting up her "Mickie-D DT" on Mia @ MCW
DF:  Was it a challenge working such a long match?  I guess you have to be careful not to use the same moves over and over or not to get stuck in too much static stuff.  How did you handle this?

Mia:  Not at all. I condition about every day so I can at least be prepared for a long match.  I do remember being quite sweaty tho…but it wasn’t difficult at all.

DF:   Mickie is wildly popular.  Did you get to see her interact with fans?  Did you pick up any lessons there about how to handle fame?

Mia: She was great with the fans. Gave them all attention which was nice to see. I learned just to be nice to the fans because they basically make you.

DF:  I know you love Lee South and the way he manages to get amazing photos out of knockout-beautiful women.  Can you give us a preview of how sexy this photo shoot is going to be?  Any themes you can share with us? :)

Mia:  First, I'd like to say Lee South is the BEST! He is soooo professional and I actually consider him a friend. We clicked right away at the first shoot at TNA. I am always so comfortable and myself at his shoots, I don’t even feel like I'm working. Let's just say there will be a lot of skin (no nudes! Sorry), and specifically, Gamers will love it!
Mia as "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" photo by Lee South

DF:   As you look back over your freshman year in wrestling, what are your three greatest memories?

Mia:  Me v. Sara Del Rey, My TNA try out, and meeting all the great people I have met (Daizee Haze, Annie Social, Marti Belle, Sassy Steffi, Lee South, Osirian Portal, etc. etc.)

DF:   Was there any aspect of the business that totally surprised you?

Mia:  I always thought people in wrestling were strictly professional, like at a government job…but I came to find out, everyone is laid back and jokers! Wrestlers are the funniest people I know.

Sumie Sakai, Annie Social, and Mia Yim backstage

DF:   You have been fortunate to work in a number of highly regarded indy feds on the East Coast:  JAPW, MCW, ACW, VCW, among others.  Which of these promotions are going to see much more of you in 2010-2011?  What indy fed (besides SHIMMER) that you have not worked would you like to appear in?

Mia: I will definitely keep working for all those feds.  I am hoping to appear on ROH sometime in '10-'11.

DF:   Has the TNA experience made you a better wrestler or helped you understand the "big leagues" (TV feds) better than you did before?

Mia:  Yes it did. You always understand better when you actually experience it

Mia with her Spinning Seoul kick on Taylor Wilde. Photo:  Lee South

DF:  You are starting your sophomore year off with a bang -- a possible trip to Japan and a definite trip to Chicago to wrestle the SPARKLE preshow at SHIMMER.  What are your goals for that weekend in Chi-town and your matches at SPARKLE? 

Mia:  To kick ass and impress the office to want me back -- haha!

DF:   If you get to go to Japan, I know you will be learning and building relationships in the business.  Is there a particular wrestler that you want to meet in the ring or a promotion that you want to work for?

Mia: I'd like to work for Zero 1. That would be cool

DF:  Your friend Hailey Hatred has been to Japan and your friend Sumie Sakai grew up there and wrestled there before coming to the USA.   What do these friends say about how Japanese wrestling is different from wrestling in the USA?

Mia:  They say Japanese wrestling is so much more serious over there. Like the super bowl is over in USA.

DF:   I notice you have dates with ROH and CZW scheduled in the near future.  If I'm not mistaken, these are promotions that you have not officially worked.   These are both male-dominated feds.  Are they interested in you wrestling or managing?  Will they offer you essentially similar opportunities to JAPW?

Mia:  As long as I get a spot in ROH, I don’t mind what spot they give me.

DF:   As I look at your first year, you have emerged as an athletic anime character with lethal kicks and the attitude and "pop" with fans to play the Face or Heel effectively.  That versatility is excellent and I'm sure it has made you a sought-after favorite with many fans and promotions.  Plus you have that athletic sex appeal that fans love.  Are you the complete package now (and you just need a big break), or are there still things you can learn?  What do you need to take you to the next level in wrestling?  Is it a technical ability in the ring or some out-of-ring skill (like a great singing voice -- haha)?

Mia: I will always be learning. I still have lots to learn. I am still green and will always consider myself green until I been in the business for like 20 yrs. I just need more experience.

DF:  You have often mentioned that you appreciate all you have learned from Sara del Rey and now you are training with Daizee Haze.  What have these indy icons taught you about creating a great match?  About the business out of the ring?

Mia:  They taught be a lot. Sara inspired me and my kicks and now training with Haze and Delirious, I am learning the fundamentals, psychology, and promos! I'm learning it all from them.

Mia learning the hard way from Sara Del Rey

Mia being tutored by Daizee Haze and MsChif in RCW

DF:  Do you want to give a shout-out to other wrestlers that have supported you and taught you a lot this year?

Mia: Annie Social has been there from the first JAPW show. We talk on a daily basis, and she gives me a lot of advice, not only about wrestling. The Osirian Portal, the funniest guys I know, and they are dancing fools. They been teaching me some Lucha.   Some other people, Marti Belle, John Kermon (My first original trainer), Bobby Shield, and Sassy Steffi.

DF:   I know you have come to admire and appreciate some young wrestlers like Marti Belle and Jamilia Craft who are just getting started in wrestling like yourself.  As you look at your generation of wrestlers, what can fans look forward to in the future -- say ten years from now?

Mia:  They can look forward to chicks that WRESTLE!

Mia battling Jamilia Craft @ PW Respect
Photo:  David Falcon

DF:  What has been the most positive out-of-ring "life" experience that has happened to you this year?  How has this affected your wrestling dreams and goals?

Mia:  Meeting Ricky, my current boyfriend. He supported me through it all and encouraged me to continue doing what I love to do. He helped push me, the way no one else really can. He is my hero.

DF:  You have been out-spoken about how your family has not supported your dream of becoming a professional wrestler.  After all the success you've had this year, is there any thawing of that attitude?  Are mom and dad proud of your accomplishments? 

Mia: I have never heard of my mom and dad saying they were proud. They still don’t support me, but they basically said it keeps me out of trouble so they aren't going to stop me. My sister tho, she's been to a few of my matches. I love her sooo much because she actually supports me. The only one in the family who come and watch my matches, cheer for me, and I get to see her in the front row…makes me feel like I am loved. This is the closest me and my sister ever been (high school was the devil years), and I cherish every single moment.
Kristen and Stephanie Bell:  Locker room sisters

DF:  Congratulations staying committed to your college education while having all this wrestling success.  You have mentioned previously that you want to finish college and have your degree before picking up the demanding travel schedule of the WWE, TNA, or the most sought-after indy workers like SDR.  I admire your priorities!  How will college responsibilities affect how much you can wrestle during the coming year? 

Mia: Well, I certainly can't train as much. During the summer, I train 4 days during the week. I won't be able to train at all during the school year. I only have the weekend for shows, and I am most likely going to bring homework to do in the locker room.

DF:   If you had a big wrestling opportunity next spring (say SHIMMER) and a big midterm in an Internet Security course, and you could not do both, what would you choose?

Mia: Thankfully, my teachers cut me some slack. I would ask to take the midterm a day early so I can manage to do both.

DF:  Your versatility in wrestling has allowed you to wrestle against women and men in singles and tag action.  I understand that wrestlers who want to work a lot, in a male dominated sport, cannot really insist that they will only wrestle women.  In your sophomore year, if you could choose to emphasize just one of those match styles, what would you concentrate on (v. women; v. men; v. mixed tags)?

Mia: I don’t concentrate on any of the above. I just appreciate any match I am given whether it's woman v woman or against a man.

Mia takes it to Harbor City Hit Squad in ACW

DF:   At the PW Respect show on July 18, I observed that you had three times as many fans waiting to meet you and buy your merchandise than any of the other wrestlers present.  How do you handle the intense fan interest at your shows.  Is there anything you'd like your fans to know as you close out your first year in the ring?

Mia: I love my fans. I will never be a jerk to them (unless they are creepy and stalking me). I try to give the fans the attention they give me. I love them, and without them there would be no me. I will never charge for a picture taken or an autograph because I feel it's my payback to them for supporting me.

Mia takes time to sign autograph for a young fan
Photo:  David Falcon

DF:  What can we expect from Mia Yim after she graduates from college?  What are your short term goals (next two years) and long term goals (next ten years)?

Mia: I expect to be a top name in the wrestling business, long or short term. I expect to have my IT degree as well.

DF:   On a personal note, thanks for allowing me to record the results from your matches on my Mia Yim Fan site.  It's been a thrill to have an up-close look at a young wrestler on the verge of a big career!  All the best in the next year!

Mia: Thank you!!! Love you guys! Sarang heh yo!

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