Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sara Del Rey defeated Mia Yim @ Arena Chicks (Dec. 17)

Sara Del Rey locks up Mia Yim @ ArenaChicks

Photos by Randy Hedrick

December 17
Burlington, North Carolinia

5th Match:   "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey defeated Mia Yim by pinfall to advance to the ArenaChicks Final Four Title Tournament (11:05)

I don't have too many specifics about this match other than Amber Gertner's testimony that the match "was trememndous!  Everything I hoped for!"  Sounds like a great battle.  I'm glad that it went 11+ minutes and since Sara got the win, I would not be surprised if she used her Royal Butterfly finisher.  But all these questions will be resolved tomorrow when the official results are published -- stay tuned!

Here is the Arena Chicks report:

Sara works Mia's left arm

After ducking a "line", Mia turns to attack SDR

Simultaneous kicks to the face!

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