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Mia Yim Formspring Interview

Mia Yim working for REINA in Japan

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This is the Mia Yim/Stephanie Bell Formspring Interview.  These are questions gleaned from Formspring questions that Mia answered over the past six months.  I think Mia fans and Mia haters alike will be impressed with her frankness and honesty.  I have always been impressed with her down-to-earth attitude, her self-deprecating humor, and her willingness to be vulnerable.  I have not altered the grammar or spelling of the questions or answers.  Enjoy the questions and answers.


These opening questions were answered during July-September when Mia was living in Japan or traveling there frequently.

It seems like with all the traveling and international experience that wrestlers have, the styles of Japan, Mexico, and USA are getting closer together -- more similar. What do you think? A lot of Joshi girls know how to do lucha, no?

I agree. I think alot of different styles of molding together. It really depends on the wrestler if they want to use it in the ring. I know some Lucha, but I dont use it because I am not comfortable with it yet. I do like the fact that everyone is learning different styles

Mia, with all the traveling you do, as well as being in Japan, doesn't that put a strain on your relationship? How do you, and your boyfriend make it work with your hectic schedule? Does he get upset over the long periods of time that your away?

any person I am with, they know school and wrestling my my priority. That is always first. Sometimes people stay sometimes people go. Nothing stops me from my dreams and goals.

Would you rather be a jobber for a big company, getting a huge paycheck, Or, Work for a minor promotion and get to showcase your talent, but get paid little?


who are 3 girls from Shimmer you soon hope to see in Japan with you that you can wrestle again and spend time with

Portia Perez, Rachel summerlyn, Athena

Mia Yim taking the O-Face finish from Athena @ SHIMMER
photo: David Falcon

Like I started trainng. But the guys sometimes come on to me and weird me out. You seem to been through stuff. If this happened, what did you do?

Ignore it. I usually laugh it off. Sometimes, I like to play along if I am bored, but I usually ignore it. If you are a female in the business, u better get use to it. Got to have tough skin because even if you tell someone to fuck off, they wont.

Have you ever had a problem with people trying to control or manipulate you? How do you handle it?

Yes. I do the exact opposite of what people want me to do. I don't like when people try to control my life, so I rebel. Been that way since I was 14.

I suck and still needs lots of practice. Ill admit it. One important thing in wrestling that I desperately need to work on is my promo and mic skills. I get stage fright so I always freeze up and get anxious.

I see your arm bandage with Fujita jr words. You wear more costume like Fujita Jr?

I use it to show that I respect him as a wrestler. Never met him but would like to. I have the biggest crush on him. I dont wear gear exactly like him, but what we do have in common, gear wise is the kickpads and the shorts. But design and stuff is totally different. Only thing I consider Hayato Inspired is my move set and my GOD BLESS on my wrist tape. Hope he finds it flattering ^.^

Mia sporting the Hayato tribute forearm tape
Photo:  Youji Kawauchi

Since ROH is canceled for The Embassy, do you want to pick up another match in the States before going to Japan, or would you rather just stay home and train?

If I get an email asking to book me for the weekend, id most likely take it. I originally planned to just train hard and diet to get my body in shape for going to Japan, but if I got a call to do a show, id do it

It is, I wish I could be there for my friends but they know I am there in Spirit and it is also lifting to know I will be there soon

Since you lost your SHIMMER tag partner, Jamilia, would you consider tagging with a Joshi girl -- the way Haze is doing? Who would be your first choice?

I would love to tag with a Joshi girl. Love to tag with Kana

The year is halfway over today. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you so far in 2011?

Going to Japan to wrestle

Glad to see you in ACW, Hope to see you back, How did you like Texas?

Loved it, it was fantastic! Hope to be back!

What is your favorite match of all-time?

Hayato jr v. Koji kanemoto Dec 09 bosj

I saw your match with Sara Del Ray last night on youtube. THat was an incredible match. Wondering, do you still tour with Ring of Honor. And do you hope to showcase that talent in an Women's Division there when it gets back on TV??

I am with ring of honor. I certainly hope they have more women matches

Who do you see as the top unsigned talents on the east coast?

Sara Del Rey, daizee haze, azrieal, blk jeez, Adam Cole

Hi I am a huge fan of your work how did you going to CZW come about and how did it come about pairing you with my favourite CZW wrestler Adam Cole?

^.^ I met dj Hyde at japw and he invited me to train at czw. 6mos later, I was in town for the summer so I went to go train. Continued to train and he shot me the idea about Cole. Totally was down for it. He is awesome to be with. Couldn't be with anyone better

Any thoughts on Hailey Hatred's incredible accomplishment?

I am so proud of her! I knew she could do it. I met her two years ago and I knew one day, somewhere, she is going to be a star, and she did it! I am just so proud of her, she deserves everything!

What would be going through your mind if you knew Hayato was in the audience at a REINA show watching you work? Would you have the match of your life, or would you be a little flustered and self-conscious?

I would still do my job and put on the best match I could like I do every match, but I would be sip much more nervous and have more butterflies in my stomach :P

Damn, they sent you down to Texas just to lose to cheater Portia Perez? That sucks! At least they should have given you a second match! Missed opportunity for them - whatever....

Its OK, acw is fantastic and Portia will always be a Cheater. Ill admit, this match was awesome and I loved working that psycho

Mia's ACW match v Portia Perez

Name three things on your "bucket list" in wrestling. What you want to do, at least once, before you retire to that nerdy office job your dad wants you to have.

I want to wrestle for the wwe, live in Japan for a few years to train and make a name for myself there, and win a title

You said that you would cheat at school if you had a chance. You said you would not cheat at wrestling (no low blows or foot on ropes pins). Why cheat in real life but not kayfabe life?

Because thats not how I work in *kayfabe* life. The people suggesting me to give low blows it to satisfy their own perverted wants.

What would your pops prefer you do over rasslin?

Be a office nerd

WHEN...not IF you make it to the WWE is there a specific gimmick you have in mind you'd like to do?

Lol thanks :) I like the cute Asian girl gimmick

I like it, more athletes in the business than just models.

What are Athena's strengths as a wrestler?

Speed and creativity. She also cheats...

If you got a shot at one of these women in SHIMMER which one would you most want to face? Jessie McKay - Nicole Mathews - Misaki Ohata


Which of these joshi greats would you most want to face 1 v 1? Takako Inoue - Aja Kong - Mariko Yoshida

Aja Kong!

What do you think of Jazz as a wrestler? Would you ever want to face her one v one?

She is awesome, I would love to wrestle her

So happy you Japan soon! Kana-san kick backs and legs hard -- you strong girl. Fight Kana hard. You fight Ray and Reina girls?

I fight REINA girls. I hope fight Kana one day

Little did Mia know, her dream would come true Oct. 1 @ SHIMMER
Photo: David Falcon

I think blading is a rite of passage in Japan. Anyone that wrestles for more than five years blades eventually. I think they make more money on those occasions, but I'm not sure. Would you do it for a contract or a title shot?

No, I would never blade.

Do japanese wrestlers make more money if they blade?

Honestly, I have no idea. I have never been asked to blade let alone been asked to blade for more money. No clue on that one

Have you ever thought of putting a colored streak in your hair like the S-Ovation girls do? If so, what color would you choose?

yes, always wanted to but the color will fade so I just kept it a blonde streak as of now. I always wanted Red or Green.

Wake up, Drink a big glass of water with my Birth Control pill, Green Tea pill, two fish oil pills. Then I make breakfast which is usually Plain oatmeal with water and 25 blueberries along with 2 boiled egg whites. Then I go online for an hour to digest the food, then I go to the gym. After the gym, I go home, eat, shower, then spend the rest of the day on the computer, playing video games, or watching tv. At least this is my usual day when school is out for the summer and I am not traveling

Do you finish college in December or May? When can you move to Japan fulltime?

I finish in May. I hope to move to Japan in May if things go smoothly

Japan is a great place to learn submissions. Have you ever thought of training for MMA in Japan? I bet you learn a lot.

I wouldnt mind mma training anywhere. I wouldn't do mma competitions

Are you going to get a tattoo to remember your time in Japan?

No. I hear the only reason you get a tattoo in Japan is to rep the mafia. I wish I could get a tat there, but don't want to if I have to join the Mafia to do so

If you got to meet Fujita "Jr" would you want to speak through a translator or just get some private time and try to understand one another despite the language barrier?

I would love to have private time with him and really try to understand what he is saying as a language barrier doesn't really bother me much, but id use a translator if I really needed to.

Your thoughts on this Dream match: Mia Yim/BlkJeez (heels) v Kana/Fujita Jr Hayato (faces) @ Korakuen Hall (1,200 fans). Do boys work only boys and girls,girls? Your gear? Finisher w/ Jeez? Does action spill into crowd? It'd be fun, right?

A true dream match, it will be a mix, id love to work hayato <3 me and jeez could think of a killer finisher. Could go into the crowded.

What/who inspired you to wrestle? And do you have any other interests in the entertainment industry?

Chyna and Lita inspired me when I first started. Nope, not looking to become a singer or actress or whatever. I just want to wrestle.

Never seen you in action. I just follow you on Twitter, and you seem very interesting. What are your career goals concerning wrestling? I know you are still in college, so what would be next after you finish?

Thank you. I hope to be in WWE or full time in Japan as my top goals in wrestling. After I get my degree in IT, either have a desk job during the weekn, wrestle on the weekends, or plan to move to Japan to wrestling full time

Did you cut all of that weight because of your career or personal reasons? Btw yo look great from head to toe (nobody can say you're a butt'er face) you're beautiful.

Thank you. I started my first diet last year after my TNA try out solely for career reasons. After a few months, i started making a change in my lifestyle for personal reasons. I feel alot healthier, always happy, in a great mood, etc etc. So currently, I am doing it for both career (physical appearance, always wanted abs) and personal (Feeling healthy)

Who's your favorite opponent, toughest rival, & favorite previous match & title you've held?

Favorite opponent = Sara Del Rey. Toughest Rival = Annie Social. Favorite Match = V. Hiroyo Matsumoto. Never held a title

Have you ever tripped on your way to, or entering the ring?

No, but I tripped in the ring plenty of times. Usually because the layer of fabric was ripped and my foot kept getting stuck

Not to be offensive but what are your upper chest measurements?



Did you encounter any racism or prejudice in Japan?

I did once on the train. Older guy looked at me funny, then stood up when I sat next to him. Kept giving me an evil look, when I finally said "can I help you?!" he just kept looking at me mean. Whatever, could care less

Best american venue/arena you've ever worked in where you really felt in synch with the crowds energy & made a good connection with the fans & your opponent?



Any Thoughts On Marti Belle if she was reading this?

Marti knows I love her alot. She has been there for me when I needed her the most. She was there through my tough times and see's me for me. I can tell her anything and know it won't be spread. She can keep a secret and she gives GREAT advice. I am blessed to have her as a best friend.

Marti Belle
Photo: David Falcon

Why does wrestling matter to Mia Yim?

Because wrestling is my love. I get a chance to meet new people, showcase my talent, and entertain fans. What more could I ask for? And I am not doing it for the fame, but more because I love the sport itself.

What are your favorite American feds to work for?


Are there any fads that you really got into? Or totally didn't get why it happened? I for one don't understand why people were walking around with a pacifier in their mouth.

I really like the Japanese style. Authentic Japanese styles. I really hate the tight pants (for boys), fake geek glasses (why the fuck u got glasses when u dont need them), and pants that hang down someone's ass. You look stupid as fuck. Pull up your pants and wear a damn belt. Anyone who walks around with a pacified looks like they need to get slapped in the face as well 

Mia, when you wrestle as a face, you should hug, high five, and blow kisses to the crowd! As a heel, you should give the fans the finger, grab the mic, insult them, as well as pulling hair, using boob grabs, and low blows just to piss the crowd off!

Thanks for the idea. Boob grabs (no) low blows (no). blow kisses (no). I like to be myself regardless of which role I play, and those specifics I dont do, ever

Are you happy in your own skin?

I am very happy in my own skin. Wish I could tighten up my stomach though

How did you come up with your ring name?

yim is my middle name. Mia is a friend's name. Put the two together and thought it sounded neat

Lita & Chyan inspired you. what about now?

Right now, Kana and Fujita Jr Hayato inspire me

How different is working in Japan from working in America?

Very different. More training, more serious, its a legit sport in Japan

top 5 male indy wrestlers? top 5 female indy wrestlers? AND and AND if you could spend the day playing video games with any wrestlers who would be your top choices?

Male: Fujita Jr Hayato, Low Ki, The Blk Jeez, TJ Perkins, Kota Ibushia. Female: Kana, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Ayumi, Nakagawa. I could spend days playing Left 4 Dead with Bobby Shields and Hyjinx. Great partners in killing zombies

How did you get so sexy? How did Marti Bell get so sexy? And when are you two going to do a sexy photo shoot together?

The bird and the bee's my friend. I give my parents credit. I am sure marti feels the same about her beauty. It is also about personality as well. Hope to do a photoshoot with her soon, preferably with Lee South

Thanks .. do you keep scrapbooks, photo albums, or store on line your memories of places like Japan, and do you keep a detailed record of your wrestling accomplishments? Thanks again. :)

I dont keep anything organized, but I should. I put little important things on my wall in my room like my Kowloon towel gift from my Kareshi on my wall, some Mr. Danger bags on my wall, Photos from fans, etc. I want to get a flag next time im in japan to put in my room ^.^

people should get off you and gail kim. just cuz she korean doesnt mean you need to work her or even like her.

I completely agree. Its starting to get annoying. I feel like telling everyone that I have tattoos and curse like a sailor, am I a Briscoe sister? The comparison is stupid and annoying.

what scares you the most Mia

Getting heartbroken and rollercoasters

What Japanese wrestler do you look up to as a mentor?

Aki kambayashi

Cheesiest pick-up line someone tried on you?

Him: did it hurt?
Me: what the fuck are you talking about?
Him: when you fell from heaven
Me: good bye

Describe a time when you wanted to quit, but didn't.

I almost broke my neck during training (my first year) thought about quitting for my own safety but didnt

What's your worst/best memory of high school and why?

The worst memory: We went on a field trip somewhere. I didnt have any friends (I was considered a nerd) so I sat on the curb by myself when waiting for the bus to come pick us up. A group of snotty girls started throwing pebbles at me. I just sat there, drawing imaginary stick figures on the ground while they threw pebbles at me. I will never forget it.

The best memory: Making a best friend. in Soph year. We were close all the way until we went to college (We went to different colleges and lost contact T.T)

When did you learn that you would have a match with Kana? Was it Friday night (9/30) or Saturday morning (10/1) or earlier than that? What was your first reaction when you learned that news?

I was very excited but got very nervous when I was told. I didnt think I was ready to fight her yet.

Your friend Christina von Eerie made her TNA debut last night. After a few years in Japan, can you see yourself pursuing a TNA or WWE career? What are the pros and cons of TNA v REINA?

No. After a few years in Japan, I want to spend a few more years in Japan. Only con with Reina is that I can't see my family as often.

Questions asked in the past month:  Nov. 15-Dec. 16

Mia, I wish I could be in your shoes for at least a day! Fact is, you are so pretty, and such a guy magnet that it has to be a tremendous ego boost! You also have the capacity to get the bad boys to gravitate to you!

Lol, my life isnt anything special. And with dating, its really a curse in disguise.

There are always two types of guys I bump into. The ones who want to be with Mia Yim and the guys that want to sleep with Mia Yim. Never the guys that want to get to know and start a relationship with Stephanie. They have a perception of me and dont know the real me.
Then there are guys who just wants to get into my pants. I have to really look out for my safety and heart so I dont fall for the wrong guy, which I currently have. I continue to learn to adapt to this lifestyle, and watching over myself. I try not to get attached to anyone unless I know its really a true thing. So in a way, I dont mind when guys want me, but I know its only for one thing. Its difficult to find a true guy esp with this lifestyle.

What type of music or artists do you like to listen to when you're in the following moods? Happy? Angry? Celebratory? Romantic?

I usually like to listen to all music but here it goes.
Happy: Chehon (
チェホン), ShonanNoKaze(湘南乃風), kana nishino (西野 カナ), TaeYang, 2NE1

Angry: Afrojack, Prodigy, some revenge R&B songs

Celebratory: Same as happy

Romantic: R.Kelly, Usher, B2K, Avant, Omarion, Marques Houston, Chris Brown. All

Being that you are a wrestler, you are in great shape/toned/muscular. Do people come up and comment on your muscles/ask you to flex very often?

Thank you very much! I can def improve though >.< Lol, i get ALOT of comments on my traps/shoulders and they always ask me to flex them. I had these traps since I was young because of the 50lb back packs i would wear.

Do you like shopping for clothes?

I sure as hell do!

What was your best in-ring moment of 2011?  What was your best personal moment of 2011? (I'm guessing one or both answers have to do with Japan ^.^)

Lol, you are right. My best in ring moment was wrestling Hailey hatred and manami Toyota in a tag. My best personal moment would be gaining training in Japan (both Reina and zero 1) and meeting hayato.

You are one of the few US women to have wrestled Manami Toyota. Tomorrow (Dec. 2) she receives a Lifetime Achievement award from Diva Dirt. Do you think she is the best wrestler in the world? What do you most admire about her from working her?

I do believe she is def one of the best. I love how she inspires young female wrestlers and makes such a perfect example on what a tough female wrestler should be. She's truly an idol.

Mia v Toyota @ REINA in Japan
Photo:  Youji Kawauchi

If you could wrestle any Japanese woman that you have not yet faced, who would you choose?

Ayumi kurihara or syuri

Sounded like you and your sister had a fun time together. Was she embarassed by your clothing or style choices? What do you wear that she would never wear?

She is awesome. I love her. She's always embarrassed of my style and clothing choices. She wears more girly stuff. Things you see in a Bebe or forever 21 catalog. I'm more of lets say either simple like jeans and tank top or very Tokyo/shinjuku (casual top, leggings with pom poms, furry boots, etc)

1) How many times daily do you get noticed out in public? 2) Do you wish you got noticed more or less ? 3) Do you think your fans are sometimes annoying? 4) Is it ok if I see you in public an want to take a picture? 4)Weirdest thing a fan has done to you?

1) Daily? zero.
2) I am happy right now, I dont mind getting noticed or not
3) They are only annoying when they hit on me or is pressed
4) That is fine with me
5) i dont usually have weird experiences with fans. But I had one that told me he will buy an 8x10 if my number was the back. I told him I wasnt pressed on getting that money and told him to keep on walking.

Mia, how were you able to deal with the bullies/bitches that used to torment you during your high school years? Not only did you overcome all of it, but it made you a stronger, and more resilient person! What advice would you give to anyone facing what you faced?  

I ignore it. and I use their negativity to motivate me. And besides, all those bullies prob live horrible lives and are taking it out of me. Also, most of them are druggies or single young mothers, while I am still in school and being successful. So I have no hard feeling towards them. Just know there is always light at the end of the tunnel

If you could choose a punishment for these haters, a) have em executed b) tortured or c) something else?

C - nothing. Haters probably already have enough problems in their sad lives and just taking it out on me.

You don't have any smart or unique thoughts on interracial dating, being of mixed heritage yourself? That for instance, according to recent data, 97% of white people never contact/respond to black people when it comes to online dating?

No smart or unique thoughts? Excuse me, its 2011, like I said people can date who ever the hell they want, I don't care. And I don't care about that percentage. You like what you like, I'm not going to say or judge.

i would support all my joints before taking on greg excellent. if that boy lands on you -- daaaammnn, something could pop. i know you'll be smart. whats yur plan?

Lol my plan is to be quick as fuck

Not only was Mia "quick" against Greg Excellent; she was also strong as fuck

what do you like/dislike about formspring?

I like how it is entertaining during my boring times. I hate how people want to get big, bad, and bold because they are anonymous

Do you enjoy the stop-motion Christmas movies they play on ABC Family every year (Rudolph & The Island of Misfits Toys, Little Drummer Boy, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, etc)?

I do!


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