Monday, August 8, 2011

WSU Title Match: Mercedes v Lexxus

The recent WSU double taping on August 6 produced one of the most unexpected star performances in indy wrestling this year.  Lexxus, one half of The Boston Shore tag team (with Amber) earned a title shot due to winning a battle royal elimination match last May.  At the time, grumbling could be heard among the WSU faithful:  "another squash match for Mercedes."  "Who is this Lexxus anyway?"  Well Lexxus will not have to bring her credentials to the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ, ever again; she brought it on Saturday and challenged one of the all-time greats, Mercedes Martinez, to a 73-minute match -- a world record for an indy match (eclipsing the 70-minute match Mercedes had with Angel Orsini several years ago).

Here are some of Hollow's great pics from the big match.  There was no iPPV so fans will have to line up for the video (preorders available on WSU website )

All Photos by Hollow

Lexxus and Mercedes lock up in the center of the ring

Lexxus has Mercedes in a headlock

Lexxus continues to apply the pressure

Lexxus pounds Mercedes in the corner

Lexxus with a two-handed choke on Mercedes

Lexxus finds a new way to choke the champ

Mercedes fights back

Outside the ring, Mercedes has the upper hand -- a big clothesline!

Mercedes readies Lexxus for some pain

Lexxus with a cross body off the top rope.

Mercedes knows how valuable the belt is to her -- after a 73-minute war with Lexxus

Respect shown all around as Mercedes retains her WSU Championship

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