Sunday, August 7, 2011

REINA Results

REINA took their show to Hitachi Omiya and the Western Park Sports Center Complex in Ibaraki.  It was an early afternoon show at 1:00PM and they claim an audience of 250.

Hiroyo Matsumoto working over Luscious Latasha

1) Sakura Hirota def. Mi Yali with a School Boy (9:06)

2) Tomoka Nakagawa def. Dama de Hierro with a Tomo Catch (4:30)

3) Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Luscious Latasha with a backdrop (11:49)

4) La Comandante/Mia Yim def. Manami Toyota/Saya when La Comendante delivered a Diving Body Press on Saya (16:23)


*  Don't know exactly where this venue is but it seemed to involve some travel outside of Tokyo.  It was a big day in Joshi with the big JWP show at Korakuen Hall.  I don't know if there will be many photos from this event.
*  Latahsa had a great match; the longest of her stay with REINA.  And one against a great adversary -- The Happy Destroyer, Hiroyo Matsumoto.
* Mia Yim teamed with the Mexican veteran La Comandante and together they got the win over a Manami Toyota-led tag team of Japanese wrestlers.  Toyota's partner, REINA regular, Saya, was pinned by the big Mexican.  Mia Yim tweeted that she momentarily blacked out (for the first time in a match), but she finished the match and seems okay.

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