Sunday, August 14, 2011

REINA 9 Photos

These great photos were taken by Takehisa Kashima:

Lady Afrodita

Sakura Hirot has Lady A in a head lock

Sakura Hirota gets the pin over the Mexican newcomer

Hierro la Dama with a missle drop kick on Sachiko Sendai

La Dama putting pressure on Sachiko's legs

Sachiko Sendai with a beautiful moonsault finisher!

Sachiko with the pin and the win! (A Semifinalist!)

Luscious Latasha getting the better of Ray

Ray with a double foot stomp vaulting in from the ring apron

Ray missed this moonsault

But this full twisting moonsault she nailed -- for the pin

A semifinalist!

Mia Yim grabs SaYa by the hair

Sporting with Sa Ya who is tangled in the ropes

Mia with a viscious kick to the chest

A submission -- a dragon sleeper -- but Sa Ya didn't give

Sa Ya blocks and Mia feels it

German suplex!

Mia gathering herself

Seat drop from top rope

Mia checks to see if her ribs are broken

running knee to face -- for the finish

One . . . Two . . .  three!

"See my tongue stud?" Celebration Smile! (A Semifinalist!)

Kimura and Kambayashi conspire together

Mima Shimoda in lucha mode with La Comandante

Mima roughs up Kyoko Kimura

Kambayashi chokes Mima

Double missle drop kick by Kambayashi and Kimura

Big plancha by La Comandante

The vanquished exit in disgrace

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