Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mia Yim's Gear Parade in Japan

Mia Yim has had four matches for REINA on this her second tour of Japan and she has worn four different sets of gear.  She has a fifth set -- the purple gear that she favored during her first year in the ring, but I don't believe she's worn that in a match since 2010.  Will she wear purple or go back to her new yellow gear?  Or will it be red, turquoise, or green?

REINA 8 v Matsumoto (Yellow)

REINA Tag v Toyota/SaYa (Red)

REINA 9 v SaYa (Turquoise)

REINA 10 v Ray (Green)

And what will it be next week -- August 27?  We do not yet know Mia's opponent, nor do we know what gear she will wear.  I'd be surprised if we see the purple gear; she may have retired that.

Mia v Mickie in NEW (fall 2010)

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