Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CMLL-REINA International Jr. Championship Preview

On Sunday, August 14, CMLL (Mexico) and REINA (Japan) will kick off a tournament for their co-sponsored International Jr. Championship.  The belt carries the flags of 4 nations/regions:  The European Union, Japan, Mexico, and the USA.  Europe is the only group without representation in this competiton. 

Preliminary match features a new Mexican wrestler, age 21, that just arrived in Japan.

1) Lady Afrodita (Mex) v Sakura Hirota (Jap)

The field will be composed of three matches after which we will have semifinals and finals on September 10 to crown the Int. Jr. Champ.    There are three Japanese wrestlers and one wrestler from Mexico and two from the USA respectively.  Sunday's matches are as follows:

2)  Luscious Latasha (USA) v Ray (Jap)

3)  Mia Yim (USA)  v   Saya (Jap)

4)  Dama de Hierro (Mex) v Sendai Sachiko (Jap)

Notes:  Saya (formerly Senri Kuroki) mentioned this week that she lost her tag match to Mia Yim's team, but "this week the result will be different."  She promises to beat Yim, a crowd favorite, and advance to the semi-finals.

Main Event: 
Japanese Team:  Aki Kambayashi & Kyoko Kimura

Mexican Team:  Mima Shimoda & La Comandante

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