Sunday, August 14, 2011


Io making her debut in STARDOM

Io Shirai made her STARDOM debut in a tag match with Nanae Takahashi as her partner.  They worked against Yoko Bito and Yuzuki Aikawa.  Without a doubt, Io brings some legitimate acrobatic athleticim to STARDOM that was lacking before -- high-flying lucha libre stuff!  And she brought some colorful new gear as well.

Here are some action photos from the incomparable Youji Kawauchi

Yuzuki displaying her recently won Jr. Championship Belt

Io unloading a missle drop kick on Bito

Yuzuki wraps Io up in a Boston Crab

Aikawa and Bito initiate Io into Stardom

Double instep kicks, front and back, Ouch!
Bito gives Io some chin music

Okay, so Yuzuki Aikawa is very flexible

Kick through ropes on Yuzuki

Balance and athleticism from Io Shirai!

. . . and she almost gets the pin!

Knee to the face by Yuzuki

Neck breaker

Io with front flip on Yuzuki for the finish

One . . . Two . . . Three!

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