Friday, August 5, 2011

REINA's International Jr. Championship Tournament set for August 14

On August 14 REINA will introduce its International Jr. Championship.  It will be decided in a tournament that will end on September 10.  The belt, displayed here at a Thursday press conference in Tokyo features flags from the European Union, Japan, Mexico, and the United States.  We know of the link between REINA and CMLL (Japan - Mexico) which gives Hotta's new promotion a Lucha Libre flavor.  Yet REINA had also featured gaijin from Australia (at their first show) in Kellie Skater, as well as constant representation from the USA:  Mia Yim, Luscious Latasha, and Simply Luscious have been involved in multiple shows.  Interestingly, the promotion as the European Union flag on the belt, but has not featured a wrestler from Europe, as yet.  The Australian flag is conspicuously missing from the belt, so perhaps Skater's appearance was a flash in the pan and not something the REINA will cultivate.

The opening round matches will feature

1) Luscious Latasha v Ray
2) Mia Yim v Saya (formerly named Kuroki)
3) Dama de Hierro v Sachiko Sendai (not pictured)

Universal Woman's pro Wrestling REINA 
From Left:  Luscious Latasha, Mia Yim, Dama de Hierro, REINA Official, Ray, Saya

CMLL - REINA Co-sponsor the International Jr. Campeonato belt

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