Tuesday, August 16, 2011

REINA 10 Preview

REINA 10 happens this Saturday, August 20, at 7:00PM at the Yokohama Tohoru rad.

Hiroyo Matsumoto  V.     Lady Afrodita

The card has some fun matches:

Match 1:  Hiroyo Matsumoto v Lady Afrodita

Match 2:  Kyoko Kimura v Luscious Latasha

Match 3:  Aki Kambayashi v Sa Ya

CMLL-REINA International Jr. Championship Semifinal Match 4:

        Ray v Mia Yim

Match 5:  Mima Shimoda/Yumiko Hotta (Japanese Team) v La Comandante/Hierro de Dama (Mexican Team)

Luscious Latasha v Kyoko Kimura

I would absolutely mark out if I were Luscious Latasha and was in the ring with the legendary Kyoko Kimura who famously split Kana's head open several years ago with a legit skull-cracking head butt. Kimura has done some mean and nasty heel worki in Joshi Puroresu as well as some insane hard core action involving lighttubes and barbed wire. She is amazing! Have fun Latasha!

                 Ray                 v                       Mia
Mia Yim v Ray is the main event (or co-main event) and is the only CMLL-REINA International Jr. Championship match on this card.  Ray would have to be the favorite.  She is perhaps one of the most technically sound wrestlers in joshi today and executes a full twisting moonsault with precision and aplomb.  Mia Yim who has tried some wild high spots herself since studying in the REINA dojo with Zeuxis and Silueta will keep her feet on the ground in this match.  She will kick, punch, and wrestle her way to a strong finish with Ray.  This is the biggest spot Mia has earned in her two tours to Japan.  She has never been booked as the main event and she has never been this close to a pretigious belt before.  The contrast of styles should produce a great match.  I hope it goes 15+ minutes with some dynamite drama.  It should be a fun, fun match.  I wish I could be in Yokohama for this one!

Hierro de Dama/La Comandante v Yumiko Hotta/Mima Shimoda

The co-main event, the tag team match, pits a Mexican team against a Japanese team.  This kind of match is quickly becoming a REINA hallmark.  With Mima Shimoda as a swing player who can wrestle for either side and had mastered both styles.  The Shimoda/Hotta team is an opportunity to see two 40+ yr. old wrestlers, who were AJW mainstays during the hey day of the early 1990's, work together again.  La Comandante is a ferocious wrestler -- scary strong and athletic.  Hierro de Dama is the youngest and most inexperienced in this match, but it is a great opportunity for her to shine.  Yumiko Hotta, the REINA boss (the Shimoda as her partner and connection with CMLL) will be making her in-ring comeback in this match after knee surgery.  Hopefully she is ready to go and the rehab has been sufficient. 

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