Monday, August 8, 2011


Mr. Takehisa Kashima took wonderful photos of some of the REINA matches this past Sunday.  Some of the highlights included Tomoka Nakagawa with a quick victory over Dama de Hierro, Luscious Latasha going 11:49 with one of the best in the business, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Mia Yim with her tag partner La Comandante defeated the great Manami Toyota and Saya (Comandante over Saya with a choke slam followed by plancha splash).

All photos by Takehisa Kashima

Dama de Hierro

Tomoka with a Fisherman Buster

Latasha given a rough ride by Hiroyo

. . . not to mention some requisite humiliation

Dropped across the knee for the finish

Mia Yim ready to go against Saya with Toyota looking on

Saya has Mia in a Boston Crab

. . . but Mia gets to the ropes

Comandante holds Saya as Mia unloads some brutal kicks

Mia falls victim to the Toyota Roll!  Around and around we go!

Mia with a huge moonsault to the outside for the second time

Saya settles the score

La Comandante with a plancha on Saya for the finish

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