Saturday, August 20, 2011

REINA 10 Results from Yokohama

REINA ran their 10th event today, results from Yokohama Radiant Hall:

No attendance figures available.

All photos by Youji Kawauchi and Takehisa Kashima

Ray warily shakes the hand of Mia Yim

Hiroyo's knee hammer on Lady Afrodita

Hiroyo Matsumoto beat La Afrodita in 7:53 with a back drop.

Luscious Latasha with flying head scissors on Kimura

Kyoko Kimura beat Latasha in 10:09 with a choke slam.

Kambayashi has Saya in a submission hold

Aki Kanbayashi beat Saya in 10:21 with a STM.

CMLL-REINA International Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament:
Ray beat Mia Yim in 10:43 with a sky twister press.   This went as predicted given Ray's stature in Japan and Mia Yim's newcomer status.  Youji Kawauchi reports that is was a fantastic match -- no surprise.  As a result, Ray advances to the finals.  She will face the winner of Sachiko Sendai and Zeuxis.

Yumiko Hotta Return Match: La Comandante & Dama de Hierro beat Yumiko Hotta & Mima Shimoda in 14:31. La Comandante pinned Hotta after a diving body press.

Shimoda missing her targets and hitting her partner, Hotta

REINA 11 is next Saturday. Sachiko Sendai and Zeuxis will be the other International Jr. Championship semi-final held on that day.  We should know who Ray faces in the tournament finals on September 10 after the event.

*Note:  It seems obvious to me that Zeuxis will get the win next week.  She was present for REINA 1 on May 8, and she has been the lynch-pin of the lucha libre presence in the REINA dojo.  She definitely has the respect in Japan at large and in the REINA dojo in particular.  Also, it makes sense that the CMLL-REINA final would have a Japanese AND a Mexican contesting for the belt -- it is a co-sponsored promotion after all.  Of the names available for this tournament, Ray and Zeuxis were the two with big enough reputations to be in the final -- so God's in his Heaven and all's right with the Joshi World.  The other tantalizing thing about a Ray v Zeuxis final is that it will be a high-flyer's festival with both women uncorking massive high spots -- mucha lucha -- it fits the promotion and should be a crowd pleaser as well on September 10.  Something to look forward to!

Zeuxis has Ray in trouble in an earlier match this summer.

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