Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SMASH Championship Semi-finals Preview

SMASH will have a special Thursday event featuring Women's Championship semi-finals.  The two marquee matches are as follows:

1)  Serena Deeb  v   Makoto

2)  Syuri  v  Kana

Notes:  The first semi-final may be a spear-fest between new SMASH recruit Makoto who will quit Ice Ribbon, and the great Serena Deeb formerly of WWE.  The second match is fraught with emotional baggage as Kana has continued to disparage and belittle Syuri in press conferences and in post match mic sessions.  This will be a great tournament; Tajiri, SMASH boss, has assembled four great wrestlers with interesting back-stories.  If the final ends up being Serena v Kana, as many predict, it will repeat one of the great joshi feuds of 2010-2011.

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