Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ChikarasaurusRex: A few Photos from Sunday

All Photos by David Falcon

Tsukasa with her Icex60 belt

Tsukasa in trouble

Blistering kick

Tsukasa finishes with a Venus Shoot on Makoto

Mima Shimoda has Daizee Haze in trouble

Mima puts pressure on Daizee's arm

Mima bridges after a german suplex

Uh Oh, Mima found a folding chair!

Daizee had to be carried off

Mima recovered her sweetness at intermission

Tsukasa with some young South Philly fans!

Makoto was a hit at the autograph table

Sara got the better of Claudio Castagnoli

Claudio turned out to be a sore loser:
after the match he one-armed choked Daizee

Daizee had to be helped off again!

Sara Del Rey beat Claudio!

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