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Mia Yim's Top Five Matches of 2013

Twenty-Three year old pro wrestler Mia Yim redefined herself by seizing some special opportunities and taking some risks that paid off.  She continued her relationship with REINA x WORLD in Japan and ultimately signed a contract with them in September.  Since late October Mia has been living in Chiba, Japan, and working for REINA x WORLD.

Mia Yim            Photo by David Falcon

This ranking of her top five matches of 2012 is purely my own as a Mia Yim fan.  I will count them down in reverse order.

5) Mia Yim v Allysin Kay (A.I.W. 1/29/12)  Photos by Wayne Palmer

     This was a year that began with a routine trip to Cleveland and a Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) Girls' Night Out 5 event on January 29.  The match vs Allysin Kay turned out to be a an opportunity for both wrestlers to break out and bring a memorable feud to the Cleveland fans.  That was because Mia broke Allysin's nose -- inadvertently -- but the blood was very real.  That fact that Allysin continued is a huge credit to her; it is also a credit to Mia who was shaken by the accident and the blood-letting.  Both wrestlers continued and pulled off a convincing match that occasioned many two other AIW main events.

Mia stiff-kicking Allysin

Moments before the nose breaking kick

Awesome courage and toughness by Allysin

4) Mia Yim v Sarah Del Rey (R.O.H. 8/3/12) Follow the link below to watch the match.
This match was typical of the great matches that Mia and SDR have had over the years dating back to Nov. of 2009 when Mia had only been wrestling for three months.  Their feuds are stiff and intelligent -- the best kind of wrestling.  In this particular case, they elevated their ring work to the highest indy stage -- Ring of Honor.  With a big crowd and high expectations, Mia and Sara did not disappoint!


3) Mia Yim v Jessica Havok (SHINE 9/21/12) Photos by SlamminLadies

    Mia rode her victory over LuFisto into Florida for her SHINE 3 matchup with Jessicka Havok.  This was a match that many had wanted to see for a long time for several reasons.  First, Jessicka is the LuFisto, SDR kind of dominant physical wrestler that brings out the best in Mia Yim.  Stiff kicking, punching and strong style moves typify their work.  Mia adds the highspots and the match becomes enticing.  Second, Mia had battled Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie earlier in the year -- two of the three members of the Midwest Militia.  The only Militia member mia had not faced was Jessicka.  SHINE 3 capitalized on this "saving-the-best-for-last" moment.  The match was nothing short of phenomenal -- stiff as hell with amazing highspots from Mia and great intensity from both wrestlers!

Mia is physical enough to take the attack to Jessicka

Elegant moonsault to outside! A big spot! 

Jessicka with a bone jarring finish

2) Mia Yim v LuFisto (IndyGurlz 9/15/12) Photos by David Falcon

     After coming off two A.I.W. main events vs Allysin Kay that Mia lost, she had another opportunity vs LuFisto in Indygurlz (Boonton, NJ).  This was an awesome match nearly 18 minutes long where they battled inside and outside the ring.  Both women showed stamina and incredible toughness as they brutalized each other in front of a small but very fortunate crowd.  The match showed what Mia is can do in a big spot with a quality opponent.  She's ready to win her first championship belt!

An intense main event!

Mia wins her first Main Event at Indygurlz!

1) Mia Yim v Greg Excellent TLC match (CZW 3/10/12) Photos by David Falcon

    The culmination of a remarkable intergender feud happened at CZW's Aerial Assault in Philadelphia in March.  Mia's previous matches with the charismatic and surprising athletic Greg Excellent were hard-hitting, irreverent affairs.  With a hypnotic kiss (Match #1) and a brutal Yoshi Tonic (Match #2) but it all came to a head with the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match in north Philly.  Mia had never done a TLC match; she was outspoken about not doing hardcore matches.  Somehow she saw this as a risk worth taking.  I have no doubt that the supreme trust she placed in Greg Excellent sealed the deal for her.  Whatever the motivation, these two put on the most amazing match, right before intermission, that absolutely stole the show that night.  It was the most risky, out-of-control Mia has ever allowed herself to be in a match, and the payoff was huge!  That vulnerability and healthy fear brought real commitment to the moves and real emotion to the result.  The fans in the building knew they had seen something very special that night!  It may have been the best match of Mia's career!

Both competitors were banged up after this epic match!

Running . . .

Kick . . .

Sequence . . .

Legit emotion for Mia

They went to the rafters!

Unforgettable finish off the 18 ft. ladder

Adam Cole came out to comfort Mia

Respect given to Greg -- and received from him.

Battered Warrior! Much Respect!

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