Monday, December 31, 2012

Mia Yim wins 3-Way with Alex Lee and Charly Simone

Mia boots Charly Simone

Mia Yim traveled to Cat Panic Entertainment (CPE) on December 27 to work a 3-way match with her REINA X WORLD mates from Australian, Alex Lee and Charly Simone.  It was the opening match of the Catfight Entertainment"s exotic card that generally moves to the fringes of what we call wrestling.  the REINA gaijin's were in a legitimate pro match in which Mia notched the victory with her Sky Yim finisher on Lee.

Mia in 3-Way action

Photos below are from Luke Matsuki

Introducing Mia Yim!

between the blades of Charly

Mia catches the double boot

Mia in retreat

Daaammn!  What a kick on Alex!

The Aussies double team Mia

unleashing the kicks

Mia bulldogs Charly onto Alex

Tae Kwon Do!

a boot for good measure

Alex strikes back

Mia sets up for her finisher


Beautiful form!

1...2...3... on Alex Lee! (hey, that rhymes!)

Mia and her sore knee are victorious!

Mia met a new friend Kira An
Photo:  Mia Yim

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