Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Evie v Shazza McKenzie at PWA

Evie v Shazza = Crazy Athleticism
Photos by New Photography

Check out the New Photography photos of the

Shazza McKenzie stepped up to challenge PWWA champion Evie and try to bring the belt back to Australia.  Of course it is mid summer in the Southern hemisphere and so a mid-Janaury event can aptly be called Bash at the Beachie (Jan. 12, 2013).  The No Holds Barred "Break Out Wrestler of the Year," New Zealand's Evie, is a force to be reckoned with and she currently has the Aussies stymied.
This was an energetic high-impact match with a number of near falls for Shazza who could almost taste the upset.  In the end Evie retained her title.  It will be interesting to see if Evie remains in control of the belt until April when she comes to the States and to SHIMMER at WrestleCon.

Enjoy these great New Photography photos of the Bash at the Beachie:

PWWA Champion Evie

Evie's big boot misses the target

trading blows

missile drop kick by athletic Evie

Evie with a penalty kick on the apron

the action spills out of the ring

Shazza with a chinlock

Evie shows her core strength in lifting Shazza

She readies for the Somoan drop

Shazza with a backbreaker over her knee

a clever pin attempt by shazza

Shazza in control of Evie

Evie's momentum is reversed

Shazza has headlock on Evie

Shazza with dragon sleeper on Evie

Shazza fits boot sole to Evie's chin

Evie with an ankle lock on Shazza

forearm smash

Arm wringer on Shazza

Evie attacks

Evie sets up the Somoan drop

Evie with the cover and the pin

Relief!  Evie Cradling the Belt

The Champ is victorious 

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