Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Years Ago: Vintage Mia Yim photos from JAPW 1/9/10

Portia Perez tags with novice partner, Mia Yim (1/9/10)

Enjoy some of my rookie photos from the first Mia Yim match I ever saw and photographed.  It was three years ago yesterday when Mia had been wrestling about 5 months.  In this Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Women's Division) match, Mia and Portia Perez took on Brittany Force and Angel Dust.  Mia was isolated and beaten up badly while Portia stayed mostly aloof.  At the end of the match, Mia turned on Portia and ended up falling into an alliance with Johnny D.

All Photos by David Falcon

Mia getting trampled under foot

Mia charges out of the corner

Mia getting the dog collar from Brittany Force

Mia feels the sting of Angel Dust's slap

More rough treatment from Brittany

Angel Dust fits her boot to Mia's throat

followed by a shoulder charge to the midsection

setting up a drop across the knee

Ouch! Mia's back! Brit enjoys this . . .

Angel Dust in control

Tag team gut wrench

Mia struggles to break free


and she still has some fire

Brit about to finish the job

Mia kicks Portia from the ring

and stands over her

at intermission with some young fans

Mia and Cheerleader Melissa at Merch table

Mia signing for a fan

Mia comes out in support of Sumie Sakai

Sumie takes on Annie Social

Nice t-shirt (I think)

Mia interfere's for johnny D's team

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