Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mia Yim v Tina San Antonio Tomorrow Night at SHINE 6

So the card for SHINE 6 is largely set, barring any last minute surprises.  Mia Yim's first USA match in over three months will be against a new opponent -- Tina San Antonio.  It is rather remarkable that these two have not met since they have both worked for years in New Jersey but they have not.  The senseless feud between the old WSU management and JAPW where Mia started out may go a long way toward explaining why that was.  For the same promotional feud reasons Mia never got in the ring with her friend Marti Belle until A.I.W. made it happen one year ago at Girls' Night Out 5.  Give SHINE credit for making this match happen, finally.

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Tina San Antonio   Photo:  David Falcon                                                    Mia Yim    Photo: Luke Matsuki

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