Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sasha Banks defeats Alicia Fox at NXT

Alicia courts her fans!

Alicia wraps a choke on Sasha

What a big moment in the young career of Sasha Banks, formerly Mercedes KV! Last night she wrestled the beautiful and dangerous Alicia Fox on NXT and young Sasha pulled out a surprising victory.  Surprising to some, perhaps, but to those of us you have followed Sasha through her time in the New England indies, we were not surprised.  One thing we know about Sasha is that she has incredible agility and athleticism -- very reminiscent, in fact, of the young Alicia Fox when she wrestled in OVW as Victoria Crawford.  I usually have few nice words for WWE and the way it does business, but I do give them credit for seeing the potential in Mercedes KV and investing in her even before other indie promotions like WSU or SHIMMER did.  Much like Miss April in WSU who later became A.J. Lee in WWE, Mercedes KV was a regional wrestler with no national exposure.  I suspect it will not be long before she explodes on the national scene. Go get 'em, Sasha Banks!


Alicia slams Sasha to the mat

Sasha Banks is stunned by her victory over former WWE Divas Champ

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