Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mia Yim: The Instagram Phots

Mia has recently returned from a ten week stint in Japan with REINA x WORLD.  She has also found love with her boyfriend Lucha Rios who lives in Florida and wrestles periodically for TNA.  And, of course, she has been faithfully committed to the gym and working out on a daily basis.  These activities she has documented with her Android phone camera and uploaded them via Instagram.  Below are some of those images.

Gettin' It in the Dojo Gym:  Squats (Beast Mode)

Strong is Beautiful:  Mia's back is ripped! 

Japanese Cute Girl Look:  Kitty Fashion

Hamming it up with the REINA girls before the show

Heading out in Tokyo:  Aoi, Mia, and Charlie

Back home in the States:  Mirror Shot

Having fun with Lucha Rios and Jessicka Havok and Allysin Kay
Between customs shoots in Florida with SlamminLadies

Lingerie Shoot with best bud Blake Thomas @ Bliz Photography

Cute contacts 

Mia sporting new wrestling gear for her photo shoot @ Bliz

Getting ready for the Stair Master at the gym

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