Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mia Yim vs Amazing Kong at SHIMMER 53 WrestleCon

             Amazing Kong destroyed the fearless but over-matched Kellie Skater on SHIMMER 35

 Photos by David Falcon

So as it turns out, Mia offered a challenge hinting at an opponent she has looked up to "since I began."  That challenge was picked up by none other than Amazing Kong! [see video below] Mia has always had a take-on-all-comers attitude toward wrestling, and from her first year in the business she has talked about wanting to take on Amazing Kong.  While in Japan, super heel Aja Kong topped her list of "dream" opponents.  There is no doubt that Mia has the heart of a lion when it comes to in-ring challenges.  She's fearless, but not foolhardy.  She will have a detailed game plan for this match.

There's no question that Mia is strong and athletic, her core strength was on display last weekend at SHINE 6 when she flung Tina San Antonio around the ring with relative ease.  But Kong renders much of Mia's "game" useless.  I know of no wrestler working today who can legitimately suplex Kong -- unless it is Aja Kong.  Mia will have to resort to her stiff striking and high velocity aerial attacks.  If she can use her quickness and precision to bring some stiff heat to the match, it will not be a "squash" match.  Mia and Kong have both spent time in Japan, so they understand how to handle high work-rate and demanding fans who've seen it all. [see joshi match video below] It promises to be a fabulous first-time-ever match up.

Mia faces off with Amazing Kong

SHIMMER boss, Dave Prazak, has stacked the card with some tantalizing match-ups so far:  

Saraya Knight v Cheerleader Melissa in a Steel Cage
Rematch:  Ayako Hamada v Athena
Mia Yim v Amazing Kong
The return of Madison Eagles 
The debut of New Zealand's Evie.

Mia is not without experience with large opponents
she battled Kyoko Inoue in a tag match for REINA (06/2012)
Photo by Youji Kawauchi

Original Blog Post on the REINA Anniversary Show 6/12.

Diana Team v REINA Team tag match pictured above

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